"Helper" Qin Xiao is puzzled

"Bags, steamed buns, and flower rolls" Jun touched her head wildly. "They said that they had rushed here, but they just entered this area. It is a desert and the terrain seems to be more than a desert. In many places, the surface is desert. The actual surface is very solid rock, and there will be roads suspected of being isolated in some places, but they dare not easily disperse and try to make peace with us first."
"It’s wonderful." The little girl jumped for joy.
She hasn’t seen the Three Spirit Beasts for a long time, and she can know through the contract that these three guys are all working hard at the college, and sometimes they will listen, but after leaving the college, there is no connection. Qin Xiao was overjoyed when she learned that the Three Spirit Beasts had won the last three places to enter the ruins of Shenhuang.
Now finally meet Qin Xiao is looking forward to fidgeting.
"So we’ll go to dig the bird’s nest after they come." Jun said crazily, "Many hands make light work. We can learn to have a war in Yuanfeng College."
"But our college doesn’t seem to focus on the study of war." Jun Qian has long felt that his eyes have been blinded by two people.
"This thing of war is not to change the circulation mode of a human body’s mysterious force, but to change the circulation mode of several people to each other. Even when it is really handy, the war can speed up the practice," Jun said crazily. "Besides, it will be subtle for others’ mysterious force to flow through the body. I recommend you to try one."
Smell speech Qin Xiao rushed to nod "then we will try when they come."
"But" Jun Qian also nodded.
War, to put it bluntly, means that a few people will gather their strength, and their defense and attack power can be multiplied. Besides, since you are crazy about going to war, the war developed by Qian Shan College must be different from the purely medium-strength war developed by his college
Otherwise, it is impossible for Qian Shan University to be complacent and backward. Today, it has not published the research results of the Institute.
This is probably a kind of hiding private monarch, squinting at your madness, thinking that you are crazy and don’t know where to get this thing.
"What are you looking at?" Jun Kuang snorted. "The battle of Qian Shan University is definitely not like what you see. It has some advantages, but it also needs certain conditions to realize its advantages."
Qian Shan University’s war is not a simple thing to concentrate all people’s strength in one place, but to share the realm.
The so-called shared realm is to be able to compare the realm to the realm of monarch madness. Now Qin Xiao and Jun Qian are sacred realms, so the realm of monarch madness will be lowered, but relatively speaking, Qin Xiao and Jun Qian’s combat effectiveness has reached more than one dimension
Qin Xiao and Jun Qian, who might have been a burden, can now become excellent fighting forces.
However, there is also a disadvantage of this formation, that is, at least one Xiu Yuan in the team must be higher than others, otherwise everyone is in the same realm, even if it is not very helpful
And this kind of war has not given up the most primitive advantage of the war. Several people can hit one person and share the damage.
The overall strength of the team has risen, and people who are not dragging their feet can also play an ordinary battle. Generally speaking, it can be described as the foundation of an ordinary battle, and the strength of those who have entered the battle has increased a lot, which is just suitable for a team with such a powerful realm as Jun Kuang.
It’s no wonder that you crazy will master this kind of Qian Shan College has never been an open secret.
Chapter six hundred and twenty-four Tao "bird" nest 6
Every once in a while, Qin Xiao will try to bring the Three Spirit Beasts with him to the abode of fairies and immortals, but many times he has failed, and his heart is impetuous.
"You should wait for them." Jun gave her a laugh. "Now it’s so impatient. Think about how those people who have secluded themselves in a place for thousands of years have never left the abode of fairies and immortals."
Smell speech the little girl stared at him and replied, "I am your role model. Brother Huo can say that you are the kind of person who is extremely poor and pays attention to eating, drinking and having fun every day, asking me to look up to you."
Why don’t you teach a good gentleman to smoke his mouth and continue to close his eyes?
夜网论坛"Jun, you avoid the problem" Qin Xiao didn’t ask. One was to complain casually.
It’s that the interaction between them is too natural, and there is a kind of indifference that makes the position awkward. Jun Qian feels that it is not as good as being exposed to the sun outside the abode of fairies and immortals. The whole abode of fairies and immortals is filled with the sour smell of love.
He decided not to stay with these two people.
There are many places to stay in this abode of fairies and immortals. He doesn’t have to have several rooms in this room, but there are still some good things. He is going to look through them.
"Your humble brother, don’t make up your mind. That thing may not get along with you." Qin Xiao kindly woke up.
"Unfortunately, I really want to die now." Jun Qian shrugged his shoulders and ignored the little girl’s warning.
As always, the housing is deserted, but it seems that there is dust removal and the wall is spotless. Jun took a crazy look at the wall, a fist-sized depression.
Experience tells him that there is a concave place to put the key, of course, it does not rule out that there are some small traps that are difficult to detect, and once he touches and triggers the trap, it will cause unnecessary damage
Out of curiosity, Junkuang took a closer look and found that it was not a fist, but more like a shell that was taken away and left a depression.
There are two experiences in this room. Is this taken away?
Jun Qian is not so curious about what the bearing is now. He is even more curious about where the shell-shaped key is. It is already known that one of them can strengthen the psionic knowledge. It seems to be another bearing.
And this achievement is that he wants to know who has the key.
Sister, can you open the other one? He immediately sounds.
No, and that’s definitely not for you. You get a firm reply
Jun Qian’s mind is filled with these two words.
He had a brainwave, rounded a carving knife, and "carved uncle Jun Qian to visit here". Since he can’t touch the skin, it should be okay.
The stone gate in front of Jun Qian looks like ordinary stone, but most of these materials are absolutely confident about the ban. Once attacked, the ban will be very seriously rebounded. Jun Qian is very white in his heart, but most of the bans are sensitive to the fluctuation of occult force or strong physical attack. Small occult force fluctuations and small attacks will not cause a rebound.