After that, he stopped looking at his mother’s face. He thought that if he said that today, she would be white. The more she looked at Wang Yuehuan, the more difficult it would be for her family in the future.

Xu Meijuan smells like a fool. What did Ning Tiannuo say in the center of wait for a while living room to pick up Wang Yuehuan who came home late?
No, it’s not true. How could he do that? It’s like a ghost style.
桑拿论坛What’s Wang Yuehuan’s good background and she can’t be born? Why don’t you give up the position of Ning’s wealthy family?
Xu Meijuan felt that Wang Yuehuan deserved to die and that Ning Tiannuo was simply crazy.
In fact, Ning Tiannuo herself felt that she was going crazy.
Calling Wang Yuehuan has always been a phone call. The woman seems determined not to see him, so that he can’t even get through, and quickly determine her specific coordinates.
Ning Tiannuo lit a cigarette in the car, and the slender and beautiful fingers in his left hand made him look more elegant than the cigarette holder. Then he put his arm out and pressed the glass of the car to make the cigarette end burn out. The wind didn’t send him to the hospital in the huge lawn.
He started the car and drove out of the high-end sports car for half a kilometer. He dialed Meng Qinglong’s words.
"Tiannuo, what happened so late?"
Meng Qingzhuo is watching a DVD with Gao Shenran’s brother and sister building. After receiving Ning Tiannuo’s words, he studied Gao Shenran’s face.
"Can you tell me Gao Shenran’s mobile phone number?"
Ning Tiannuo can check for herself, but she is worried that if Wang Yuehuan really goes to Gao Shenran’s house and he wants her to come back, she won’t go back to Gao Shenran’s folder and face his sister. If she is accidentally injured by herself, she can’t explain to Meng Qinglong.
Meng Qing-long is like Gao Shen-ran. In the past few days, no one has to avoid Gao Shen-ran more than he sees everything. It is unnecessary to hurt his feelings with Meng Qing-long’s brothers by a little incident.
So he will first get through to Meng Qinglong and ask Gao Shenran for his number, and secondly, he will inform Meng Qinglong to make him mentally prepared.
Meng Qingzhuo slightly raised his eyebrows and glanced over his guard. He looked straight at Gao Shenran and repeated Ning Tiannuo’s words, "You asked me for Gao Shenran’s number."
When I heard Ning Tiannuo’s name, I was less dissatisfied with him than Gao Shenran before.
Besides his cousin, Ning Tiannuo was also very sad when his mother died. It was not like being taken care of by her for three days. With Gao Shenran’s attitude towards him, he hated it from the beginning and turned into lukewarm.
But even if the attitude changes the feelings, they are not good enough to talk to each other.
Gao Shenran stretched his long legs and turned his eyes from the disc player to Meng Qinglong’s face. The line of sight was frank and serious.
Meng Qinglong knew that Gao Shenran wanted to answer the phone himself.
"You wait for him to come with me, and I’ll make him listen."
Ning Tiannuo "
What is the concept of "he is with me" at 10: 40 pm?
Besides, there’s an old movie episode, which one of them should be in the cinema. Are they living together?
Restless Tiannuo was reminded of more hexagrams. Gao Shenran’s crisp sound reached his ear through the microphone.
"Ning Tiannuo, what do you want to see me about?" Gao Shenran said, thinking of Wang Yuehuan’s call at noon, and asked Ning Tiannuo in a high voice, "What happened to my sister?"
Ning Tiannuo didn’t hide that "she is in a bad mood and doesn’t answer my words, so she should be quiet, think quietly"
He is not as good as a dead heart and let her come to peace of mind quietly, which is also a factor that makes Ning Tiannuo unhappy whenever he thinks about it.
"What did you do to her again?" Gao Shenran suddenly bounced up from the sofa and let the eye see that it was a precursor to anger
"I said, why can’t I have a good image of you? You said that you would rather have less status and status than die, right?"
"You always have a hard time with a woman. It hurts to be idle. Are you finished?"
Three questions in a row spray Ning Tiannuo’s door, pay no attention to weakness, and explain to yourself that "your sister suddenly disappeared with me."
Gao Shenran turned around the living room and was furious. "What do you mean, suddenly disappeared? Ning Tiannuo, do you dare to look like a pure man at that time? Do you say this is a call?"
"I tell you that if anything happens to my sister, I won’t play with you."