At this time, the company was busy with a project, and all ld employees worked overtime to do things seriously.

Go out early and come back late every day. When she gets back, the children are already asleep!
Are you sure you can take me to find my mother? Mom has been so busy recently that she has no time to accompany them.
Of course! I am full of confidence. You follow me well, don’t lose it!
Take out two dollars coins from my pocket and take a ride to read the bus.
But will mom be angry when we run out of kindergarten for a ride?
I patted my chest. Don’t worry about Niannian. I will be criticized by my mother for it.
All right, then!
Two babies, a bus full of passengers turned their attention to them, and they all thought it was incredible that such a beautiful and lovely child could take the bus by himself at such a young age?
It’s so cute!
Everyone is curious and likes to look at the two children for a long time.
I can’t wait to pick up the two children and kiss them before.
Although I have this impulse, the adults in the car don’t have the guts to see the little boy’s cold sight.
The little boy’s aura is not generally cold
Looking at them timidly, they are a little scared and nervous. Small hands grasp the pocket and pocket and fear!
桑拿会所  title=Don’t be afraid to read! Going for a ride will protect you! He was also a little scared when he was holding on tightly for a ride.
But I really want to see my mother, so he should be brave.
As soon as the bus started to read, I regretted measuring my little head and asked, Will we meet bad guys if we go for a ride? I will never see my mother again!
Miss … I said that I would protect Miss!
Two little guys bustling a city car
After sitting for a long time, the car began to mumble. She pulled her little hand and looked at it pitifully. I’m hungry!
You are so troublesome! Go for a ride and hum.
But I’m so kind to hungry oh! I’m not happy anymore
Well read what do you want to eat? I will take you to buy it!
Really? I missed my little eyes and turned to be excited.
hmm! Go for a ride nodded and took out several pieces of ten dollars from his coat.
Wow, I’m so rich!
Idiot, this is not money! He only took a hundred dollars for ten tens. He still has a lot! The money was not given by mom, dad or grandparents, but he earned it himself! He made many models himself, and some uncles gave him money to buy them if they liked them.
But we can buy a lot of food with this money!
No, you can’t spend money indiscriminately! The money is for my mother. He looks at her hard, and he thinks she won’t be so hard if she makes money herself.
How about going around and eating a hamburger? I miss my tender mouth and I am afraid that I will not agree with it. I also made a gesture of just one! That pathetic little figure is particularly pleasing.
All right, then! Although their mother forbade them to eat these, they wanted to eat them, so he quietly bought her one.
It’s best to go for a ride! Read happily and shout loudly
I went to a fast food restaurant for a long time before I found it.
I want to eat ice cream!
But people haven’t eaten it for a long time!
I can’t do it if I say no!
It’s so stingy to go for a ride!
No matter how much you miss it, you just won’t buy it for her!
Eating hamburgers is bad enough. She still wants ice cream. When he buys her ice cream, she probably wants doughnuts again.
Seeing that Doudou didn’t buy her a little nose, he snorted, Doudou is so wordy!
After eating the hamburger, I sat in my chair and refused to leave! The little princess has her own way: I can’t get over it if I don’t buy it for a ride!
Go for a ride and take the little princess to buy ice cream.
Seeing that the ice cream is perfect, I am excited and clamoring for this taste and that taste.
I won’t buy her a ride this time. I’ll buy her one
I thought for a moment and tooted my lips. Aunt, I want strawberry flavor!
It’s a little bad to watch the fight, but I blinked my eyes like a black grape. Will you give me half of the fight?
It’s all saliva. Who wants to eat you? Go for a ride and open your mouth coldly, like a shota.
Say I’ll eat it myself!
Come on, let’s go find mom after eating!