But this time, he saw Qin Xiong cutting the middle of the road behind him. He skillfully kicked the ball back to the front of the penalty area with his heel when he caught the straight ball behind Fabregas.

Qin Xiong’s lateral movement just took the ball away laterally and immediately took off!
Ledley King was nearly two meters away from Qin Xiong. He consciously lifted his leg to block Qin Xiong’s shot, but Qin Xiong made a false shot horizontally!
This time, it showed a better shooting angle. Qin Xiongguo broke his foot and shot angrily!
The football hangs straight to the right corner of the goal without a trace of rotation!
The atmosphere was a little depressing, and the Highbury stands suddenly boiled.
Qin Xiong ran to the sidelines and made his signature celebration. Highbury sounded deafening when he swung the hook.
桑拿会所The fans cheered Qin Xiong with joy and thunder.
Henry played in Pires, Bergkamp was old, and when the situation was more difficult, Arsenal and Qin Xiong!
And him!
Lead the team to victory!
Arsenal broke the deadlock! Is the season performance shocking Qin Xiong! He tackled Bergkamp’s heel in front of the penalty area, then faked the ball and dodged the gold. Then he took a longrange shot and went straight to the right corner of the goal. Robinson could watch the ball and sigh! Qin Xiong came out when Arsenal needed to score goals! Qin Xiong’s importance to Arsenal has been measured. How many key goals has he scored and how many key assists have he made! If Henry is seriously injured and participates in the remaining games, then Qin Xiong is the most important player in the team if Arsenal want to defend their title successfully!
Martin Joel’s face was angry.
Arsenal scored!
Even though Henry Pires has been injured, what can Tottenham be proud of if it loses the game?
Spurs step up their attack!
Arsenal, on the other hand, made a big fuss on the left
Ashley Cole frequently inserted and assisted Qin Xiong to form a threatening wing attack combination.
In the 7th minute of the game, Ashley Cole killed the avantgarde Qin Xiong and made a oneonone match. After that, Qin Xiong caught Ashley Cole’s ball at the bottom of the baseline and cut into the penalty area horizontally. He suddenly slowed down the dribbling rhythm, which is his usual way to enter the penalty area!
Attract fire!
When Tottenham’s defense line is driven to retreat, there will be a large area outside the restricted area. When we add him to attract two or three defenders to intercept the opponent’s defensive marking, there will be flaws!
Qin Xiong saw the right time to return the ball to the arc top position of the restricted area. Fabregas inserted the ball and pushed it directly to the right corner of the goal.
The football rolled into the goal through the cracks!
Highbury stands, Arsenal fans’ hearts fall to the ground.
After Fabregas scored, his finger Qin Xiong waved to him with a beaming face. After Fabregas ran over, Qin Xiong held his shoulder and ran along the sidelines!
This used to be Henry’s favorite thing to do. After scoring, he asked Qin Xiong to set off a spectacular crowd around the stands on the sidelines.
But at this time, it was Qin Xiong Fabregas, two young men hugging each other’s shoulders and running along the edge of the stadium to enjoy the crazy cheers of Arsenal fans.
Wenger sat in the stands and smiled with relief.
Arsenal two young genius to cooperate! Qin Xiong’s brush assist rhythm can’t stop! This is his 31st league assist this season! He Fabregas made a comfortable ball, Fabregas controlled his footwork, aimed at the right corner of the goal and pushed it, and then the ball went in! Arsenal 2: Leading Tottenham Hotspur!
Tottenham Hotspur are very resistant.
They are not strong enough to compete against Arsenal. Even after Arsenal lost two main players, it is difficult for them to cross Vieira Silva’s back waist line, not to mention the defensive strength of the other team’s back line is topnotch.
Tottenham recognized the reality. Anyway, the team’s relegation is no problem. They are one point higher than the relegation zone. Now it is easier for players to be distracted and plan their holidays.
In the end, they will never let Arsenal score again, and Arsenal will also give up their strength in future games.
At the end of the game on the spot, Arsenal fans were worried that there would be three league games left in the future.
Can Arsenal continue to win without Thierry Henry and Robert Pires?
In the same round, Chelsea beat Fulham West London Derby 31 at Stamford Bridge. Mourinho has done everything he can. Chelsea is worried and can’t go crazy to brush the goal difference!
After all, they are coming to the semifinals of the Champions League!
Under such circumstances, Mourinho scored the same points as Chelsea and Arsenal, and the goal difference did not change.
Still nine! to be continued
[The first volume of the sword has not been drawn and has become a front. 392 assists can’t stop! ]
Qin Xiong won the prize before entering the penultimate round of the Premier League in May ()
He was named the player of the year by the season journalists association! England’s Young Player of the Year!
And the player’s union voted for the best of the year and awarded it to Henry Henry, who completed his personal best of the year three times in a row.
Henry won the prize for a simple reason: he scored like a hemp, and his goalscoring efficiency reached one goal per game last season.
The Press Association wrote in its comments on awarding the prize to Qin Xiong, Henry is a phenomenal shooter, and he stays in the state of being a top shooter, but in the best player evaluation, Lampard is slightly ahead of Henry. Lampard is a realistic star, and Mourinho is Tianhe. He scored more goals than Qin Xiong, but Qin Xiong’s assist data is obviously more gorgeous. The newcomer Wang Qinxiong is very close to the top star level in the Premier League. The only thing he still needs to prove is whether he can continue to improve or maintain the season level in the future? If he can continue to improve, then he will be the only superstar. If he can maintain it, then he is at least one of the best stars in the Premier League! But he is still young, and his future is full of doubts.
However, as far as season performance is concerned, we don’t have to deliberately ⌒ move out of the stadium statistics to prove that he is excellent. Arsenal will definitely have the top three goals for fans to appreciate among the top ten goals in the Premier League every month, and Qin Xiong is bound to be the hero of creating gorgeous goals. His creativity in the stadium is intoxicating. We think this is the reason for his victory over Lampard. Qin Xiong’s performance in the stadium is recognized and loved by a wider range of fans. He is like Ronaldinho, a Brazilian magician in the Premier League. We look forward to his continued progress and his fans’ higher enjoyment of the shade art!
Qin Xiong went to receive the award at the awards dinner of the Press Association. He was interviewed by reporters with a personal award in his hand [many good novels]
Of course, I am personally excited to win the prize. I must thank everyone at Arsenal. Without Arsenal, I couldn’t have performed like this in the season. But now is not the time to get too excited. The most important thing is that we have three FA Cup finals left. I think Arsenal will win the championship. I will!
The biggest difficulty for Arsenal to win the title at the end of the season is Henry’s injury, which confirms that he will miss all the games left in the season!
Pires will also miss the last three league games. Whether he can make it to the FA Cup final is still a suspense, depending on his recovery from injury.
Premier League Round 36
Arsenal visit West Brom.
West Brom are still fighting for relegation. At this stage, the relegation team will not be easier than the opponents who are fighting for the championship.
The key is the mentality!
Wenger Bergkamp replaced Henry Van Persie and Pires in Reyes. Wenger really wanted to but dared not.