But he hopes the team can beat the Champions League champion in the pitch!

Therefore, he has a very accurate and objective judgment and is fully prepared for the game.
Liverpool’s lack of rest during the journey will affect Liverpool’s competitive state
The Reds need more time to get into the game, especially when the team plays together in a rhythm.
When Liverpool needs it
Atletico Madrid just can’t give it!
Liverpool want to slow down the pace of the game when they have built up a strong confidence in the game, and they really need more to get into the game.
But Atletico Madrid, like wild wild animals, frantically grabbed and attacked quickly on the court!
Atletico Madrid seems to be trying to bring the rhythm of the game to ruin Liverpool!
Let the game be completely out of suspense before the Red Army reacts! to be continued
[The first volume of the sword has become a front before it is drawn. 1237 is going to be blasted? ]
read; Atletico Madrid as a whole has made tacit efforts to speed up the pace. Although some players in Liverpool have noticed this, not everyone can have such keen insight.
When aurelio gave the ball to Qin Xiong, the frontcourt winger, in the first minute of the game, he put Qin Xiong in an awkward position instead.
Alonso and Steven Gerrard are far away from Qin Xiong, and they haven’t run out yet.
Reyes was chasing Qin Xiong behind him, but he was caught in the doubleteam circle of Perea and Assumpcao. Qin Xiong may have realized what Atletico Madrid was thinking, but he also overestimated his competitive state a little.
I really haven’t finished getting into the rhythm of the game
When he forcibly broke through the encirclement of Asuncion Sampere, he waded the ball through the gap between them.
However, the ball was a little big, and he had to make a quick effort to catch up. Finally, the speed was slowed down after Assumpcao’s physical contact.
Godin breaks the ball and goes straight to the left, Raul Garcia.
Atletico Madrid’s quick counterattack swept through!
Garcia gave the ball to Simao on the left in the frontcourt, who directly took the cut line and went to the front of Liverpool’s restricted area
As soon as Mascherano moved in parallel to intercept Simao, he immediately gave the ball to Fran in front of the penalty area.
Fran dribbled forward to break through Agger’s defense. When Agger came in front of him, Fran tilted the ball behind Agger as the area.
Aguero cleverly inclined to run and dumped Carragher. At this moment, Carragher couldn’t follow the explosive speed!
Aguero did not hesitate to turn around and volleyed in the right area of the penalty area!
A low flat ball flew to the far corner of Liverpool’s goal with a sharp angle!
Reina can’t even touch the football with her fingers, even though her reaction is flying away quickly.
I fell to the ground and turned my head to see that the football hit the side of the goal post and bounced into the goal!
Atletico Madrid took the lead in breaking the door!
Aguero ran along the sidelines with an excited smile, and rumbled Flores excitedly threw his fist on the sidelines to celebrate!
Atletico Madrid actually advanced the ball! After the game, they were more active than Liverpool in running, attacking and defending, and their overall performance was better than Liverpool!
Their goal came from a quick counterattack, which broke the ball from the back line and quickly passed through the midfield, then Simao took the ball and cut it to disturb the Liverpool middle defense, and then the striker partner Fran aguero completed the cooperation, and finally the Argentine star aguero made the final decision!
This volley shows that aguero’s ability to seize opportunities in front of the superb shooting is too strong.
Coleman’s face on the sidelines is not very good.
To be honest, Atletico Madrid is a bit of a bully!
With more energy, Liverpool will be caught off guard.
Liverpool people are also a little confused about this goal.
In the past less than ten minutes, they felt a sense of longlost strength!
It seems that Atletico Madrid players are lighter and faster, and they seem to be unable to keep pace with their opponents!
Or they haven’t met an opponent who can take the initiative to pull the pace of the game to their tolerable level for a long time!
It happened that Atletico Madrid’s attack and defense is just like the wind and the clouds.
Now we need to calm down and adjust our mentality to face the game more seriously.
Liverpool are trying to get back on their feet. First of all, it must be the midfield!
Qin Xiong, Gerard Alonso, these are all experienced masters.
Naturally, it is not said that in difficult situations, they respond fastest and most correctly.
They helped Liverpool stabilize the midfield situation and let their opponents return from encirclement and suppression by constantly being quick and short.
桑拿网In the 16th minute of the game, Steven Gerrard responded to Qin Xiongheng in the middle of the frontcourt and quickly tilted the ball to the right rib of the penalty area.
Raul obliquely inserted into this area and then shot in front of Dogs, but the ball kickback shook out of the ball and then sent the ball to Torres’ foot in front of the penalty area
Torres obliquely tackles the ball to the left area of the penalty area when Godin comes to force it.
Seeing an excellent shot opportunity, Torres volleyed his left foot but it will fly away!
Torres’ second shot today still missed the goal range!