In the past ten years, Freddy, the guardian of Qin Xiong, often told one or two famous biblical sayings before meals, which often caused selfreflection and sometimes made Freddie fart.

During the meal, the two chatted casually. Freddie asked Qin Xiong where he went during the day and what he did. Is there anything new to share? Qin Xiong responded airily and was not tired of Freddie’s being absentminded
After dinner, Freddie took the initiative to take the plate to the kitchen for cleaning. Before leaving, he said to Qin Xiong, By the way, there is something to inform you that it is Tang Tian’s fiftieth birthday. In Chinese, Tang Tian will celebrate his fiftieth birthday and invite you to attend with me.
We leave at 5: 00 p.m.
OK, I remember. Do you need to prepare a gift?
When Freddie left, Qin Xiong went back to his bedroom, but his bedroom was not small. After all, he set up a single bed against the wall. He went to the front of the shelf and took out a Spanish textbook and a walkman with headphones to teach himself tonight.
He is a man of great selfdiscipline.
Since he was adopted by the Down’s Group 16 years ago and lived in this place, 7% of his growing up was sports, and 3% of his football players were left. Very few of them were his own activities. In addition to China culture, the other focus was on European culture and language learning. He has basically mastered English and now he has been learning Spanish for a year and a half.
In the process of study, Qin Xiong will wander around the room aimlessly, pace in the living room or go to the balcony to blow the wind. After an hour of study, he will do some light exercise in the room and then continue his study to ensure that there are two hours of study every night.
At 9: 30, he went into the bathroom and bathed. Near 10: 00, he was lying in his single bed.
He looked up at the ceiling in the dark.
品茶论坛He has no parents from the moment he can remember.
The world for him, even if he lives in a comfortable apartment in the eyes of others, he still has everything, not even a small bench.
Even if there are parents, they can’t blame their parents again, no matter how bitter or sad they will be in the future when they reach adulthood at the age of one.
Qin Xiong never resented anyone. He accepted everything calmly and kept looking forward.
That’s why he was supervised here, taught and instilled with positive and optimistic thinking.
He celebrated his first birthday last month.
He is an adult.
He thinks this is a milestone, and it’s time for him to go and fight for what he deserves.
But a month later, he is still trapped here in a place where nothing belongs to him.
Tick tock, the bedside table alarm clock went to ten o’clock at night, and Qin Xiong closed his eyes and went to sleep.
The next morning, the playground, which was neatly divided into four fields, came here one after another from the dormitory or restaurant to prepare for training. The young man saw a unique figure without accident.
Qin Xiong is earlier than others. He appears full of energy in every day’s training, which is due to adequate sleep and guaranteed physical recovery. He will finish jogging, warming up and stretching before others arrive, and then get familiar with the ball before formal training.
At this moment, he is bouncing the ball with his feet alternately, just like his doll is light and natural, bouncing up and down on the soles of his feet.
Occasionally, he will pick the ball high. Qin Xiong leans over his forehead and shoulders and touches the ball at the back of his neck, but he can keep the football from landing.
This does not mean that he has a natural inspiration for football, but a person who has lived with football for 15 years since he was 3 years old should be able to do this easily.
Outside this training base, some teenagers who love football worship Qin Xiong, but they don’t know that Qin Xiong is not liked by most people in this training base.
Most people here are orphans, and they have been trained in football skills since childhood, but Qin Xiong is a maverick in their eyes on the road to growth.
Not only will I not secretly go outside with them to watch the world for fun, but I will also not chat and fart with great interest during the break.
Qin Xiong is often silent and alone, and his only hobby is painting, but the painter is particularly good. Plus, he shows stronger football strength than his peers from the New Year’s Exhibition. He is cultivated with a personal apartment and is coached by doctors, teachers and so on. This can easily lead to jealousy among others.
That’s why I don’t like that Qin Xiongren will call him a weirdo in private, but no one dares to provoke Qin Xiongren face to face. Because Qin Xiongnian has few fights, his opponents have been sent to the hospital. The lightest person is a fracture, and those three provocative Qin Xiongren finally left here. No one knows where they are now. Maybe they are working in a factory to support themselves, or they may drift with the tide in a corner of society.
In the past ten years, Qin Xiong’s theory on physical fitness and football skills has widened the gap between his peers every year, and he has been awed by his peers since he was one year old.
Perhaps it is fear that he will set off his weakness together. Perhaps it is that Qin Xiong trains terror every day with amazing seriousness, hard work and tenacity. Obviously, it is not surprising that people like Qin Xiong are called monsters in this impetuous social background.
But Qin Xiong himself is awake.
Jiangcheng youth footballers have been established for almost two years, and their football ability has been cultivated since childhood. Before and after, more than one child gave up, which was the end of injury to Zhong Yong. Today, it is a bit of an achievement not counting Qin Xiong.
One is Liu Yi, who is two years older than Qin Xiong. Last year, he landed in German football and played for Nuremberg Club in German League B.
The other is a Zhang Pengfei winger who won a professional contract at the Portuguese club Maridimo half a year ago. He is one year older than Qin Xiong.
And the most eyecatching young footballer in Jiangcheng, Qin Xiong, where is his future?
[Text 3 Dinner]
Qin Xiong has made outstanding achievements in all kinds of training, which is why others hate Qin Xiong’s training together. He always seems to be inferior to Qin Xiong in all aspects.
Today is endurance training in the gym. Other young people who have participated in training classes with Qin Xiong have left the treadmill and sat there with their eyes numb. They are still breathing smoothly and running at a constant speed on the treadmill. Qin Xiong is not shocked and used to it.
After 3 minutes, the rest of the people have almost rested. Qin Xiong is still running, and the others have a round of training.
Three minutes later, those young people who had a rest were tired and prone. Qin Xiong was still running, but he also had some signs of exhaustion and his pace tended to slow down.
At this time, in front of his treadmill, Freddie appeared in front of him and asked in a slightly sarcastic tone, Who dreams of football?
Qin Xiong slowed down and immediately followed the treadmill. He replied firmly, It’s me!
Who wants to play in Europe?
It’s me!
Who wants to be a worldclass superstar?
It’s me! It’s me!