Cheng Yang went on to say, Well, I don’t know, maybe it’s a mental problem, and then I was stimulated to overeat. This kind of problem has to be asked by a psychologist. However, several colleagues in our institute joked earlier today that if we go in there casually, everyone can get fat, so we can switch to a public welfare fattening center, an anorexia rehabilitation center and people who want to practice but can’t afford it will all receive as much as they want from our institute. Haha

It seems that Cheng Yang and their colleagues also have a good sense of humor.
Cheng Yang said two more words of gossip and left in a hurry. He also had a job.
This time, the school should be strictly managed, so he won’t be allowed to run around again. Parents will not report the situation. Ke Yiwan made a guess according to her thoughts
I don’t know, always be vigilant. Xin Xiaotian spoke thoughtfully at the same time.
At this time, Swift said, If the news is true, it is really retribution. It is best to make him fat to 2 kg or 3 kg, so that he can experience the feeling that he can’t bend over his shoelaces and bow his head to see his toes, and his pants have to breathe three times at a time.
You hate it very much, and you talk as if you were too fat. Xin Xiaotian suddenly felt that coming to Swift was also quite funny. After talking a few more words, people felt that the first impression was still different.
Lai Swift sighed and said, I was a young man, and I knew why I would be with him because of the chronic development of Notre Dame disease. Didn’t psychology say that people with neurotic tendencies can attract the attention of the opposite sex more, but that’s not love, but some other complicated emotions. We rarely break up together when we are happy, and we have had several fights. This time, we are completely determined to separate.
Well, many ordinary boys can’t find girlfriends, but some wonderful things can always catch up with good girls. Ke Yiwan nodded with emotion
I talked briefly again, considering that there are still two girls waiting for the interview, and one person can’t delay too much, which is unfair to the girls behind. Xiaotian made an appointment with Swift to come to class at 9: 00 a.m. on time and watched her leave.
Then Xin Xiaotian met with the two candidates at the back of the row in turn, leaving a person named Xia Guo Rumei Qi Liuhai, who is super cute when she smiles. Seeing her will make her feel better.
It’s also an appointment to come to the official class at 9: 00 a.m.
Because of the addition of Zhu Orange Blue, a seasoned helper, and Mengmeng and Lulu’s help office today, Xin Xiaotian decided to make an appointment with the real estate agent to see the house so as to determine the location of the freshly squeezed beverage workshop as soon as possible.
I have seen several places where there are private houses, warehouses and residential buildings, etc. Finally, I am happy to rent a midrange residential unit. Because the first floor of this suite is shaded by sunlight, few people are interested.
But for her, it has many advantages. The living room is very large, which can be transformed into a workshop. At the same time, the transportation is convenient, parking is convenient, and the goods are convenient to enter and exit. The most important thing is that the rent is relatively cheapest.
In addition, this suite is a largescale threebedroom and oneliving room, and at least one room can be set aside for workers to rest.
So one afternoon, Xin Xiaotian decided to make her own decision, decided on the place and negotiated the rent, and signed a rental contract with the landlord.
What a smooth and rewarding day:
Chapter one hundred and forty Business is too good to worry about
In the evening, when they came back from their respective sports, they sat in the small living room and drank the super juicer to make a drink. Xiaotian and Ke Yiwan said that the room had been rented and there were still many things to be done in the freshly squeezed beverage workshop. There was no way to do it. The store took care of Ke Yiwan and said that it was white.
Because the money and money were collected by Ke Yiwan, she took the initiative to check the account with Xin Xiaotian.
These days, the initial membership deposit has received more than 70,000 yuan, and the number of fans in WeChat official account has reached more than 1,200. That is to say, there are already more than 7 members and nearly 5 potential members, which has far exceeded Xin Xiaotian’s expectations.
At this rate, the number of members will reach at least 2,000 when it is officially opened, which is still a conservative estimate. The wordofmouth effect and the advertising effect caused by the manfinding incident have not been taken into account.
Sure enough, as Chen Juan said, so many members didn’t say that the Ministry was present, and hundreds of people themselves couldn’t make it in this 22squaremeter shop.
In addition, the business of the water bar is good from the opening to full. In most periods, there are about 5 to 1 people waiting in line at the door. At the peak, there are more people waiting in line, so it has only been five days since the opening. The total turnover has reached 10,000 yuan, with an average daily income of 36 yuan and an average net profit of 23 yuan.
In the past few days, the business of this store has been so good that the shopkeepers on the left and right sides are envious, which makes the bosses of the whole street look at each other with new eyes. Every day, a team of sidewalk tables outside the water bar set up a simple booth surrounded by a bunch of people. Before the store officially opened, it just pulled up half the street and lost a third of its popularity.
Xin Xiaotian and Ke Yiwan stared at these figures for a long time and said at the same time, Why don’t you expand the scale and open a branch?
Only in this way can customers and members be diverted, otherwise sooner or later, customers will be noisy because of crowding.
It is also necessary to extend the business hours of the water bar from 9: 00 a.m. to 9: 00 p.m., so there is less need for five people to work in two shifts, Xin Xiaotian added.
You have to continue to recruit people. Ke Yiwan helped a pair of money and was worried.
Yes Xin Xiaotian nodded.
Opening a branch location is a problem. How far is it necessary to get the right distance? At present, are there any suitable shops to take from the convenient distance of these members?
This first store hasn’t opened yet, so will we start to decorate the second and third branches?
I have to get a general idea about the address of these members, and then let the real estate agent help me find a house. Xin Xiaotian always pays attention to the customer experience thinking, including the itinerary
If you go on like this, you will become a real estate agent. You will find a house to rent at both ends in three days, Ke Yiwan joked.
Poof Xin Xiaotian laughed and said, Besides, I remember that the shops to be rented in the big supermarket didn’t rent them because of the poor location at that time, but now we have a membership base, so it’s ok to be a little bit partial.
There should be no problem. What about the money? Ke Yiwan asked the key question
You don’t care if I’m responsible for the money. Xin Xiaotian is going to fool Ke Yiwan again. Anyway, she won’t get to the bottom of it
Or borrow it from Sun Jiashi? Ke Yiwan asked casually.
It’s not that there are special investors and me these days, and the problem of funds in the future is not a big problem. Xin Xiaotian deliberately did not explain much
Oh, it means that many big companies are supported by venture capital. After hearing you say that we are going to be in line with the international standards, why didn’t you tell me earlier? Ke Yiwan’s eyes sparkled and she looked very happy.
Ahem, I’m not busy these two days. Xin Xiaotian tried her best to hide it and wanted to be relatively easy to coax Ke Yiwan.
By the way, you said that if you go to the two of us at this speed, can you manage to open a branch and find a storefront to decorate the storefront? Ke Yiwan really abandoned the funds and considered more specific things instead.
Wait, let me manage. I suddenly found that there are a lot of things to do to build a freshly squeezed beverage workshop. It’s a lot of things, and then I have to open one or two branches. It’s not as simple as renting and decorating. It seems that I’m really much busier than Ben, so many things have to be handled by myself. Xin Xiaotian wondered if she could finish so many things by herself at the thought of these big heads.
Two, don’t hesitate. I think according to this momentum, we need two less. Ke Yiwan confirmed her posture and added a weight to her.
Xin Xiaotian feels heavy.
夜网论坛But it’s your own choice, and the road ahead is smooth, isn’t it?
Well, there are a lot of things in the two stores. Xin Xiaotian accepted all the challenges with her cheeks in her hands.
Yes, suddenly I’m so sad, but I can’t let everyone crowd this store if I don’t open it. Ke Yiwan nodded
I have to write down all the backlog items and do them one by one or at the same time, Xin Xiaotian said.
Success must be recoverable. Ke Yiwan suddenly asked this sentence, which seems to be somewhat uncertain.