Section 57

Really? An Shutong’s eyes are full of light with excitement. Does the second brother lie to me?
Huo Jiangcheng didn’t speak, it was action to prove everything. He took the bowl in his hands and drank it together, and then filled himself with a bowl.
An Shutong got up happily and went to the refrigerator to get juice and yogurt.
Let’s have a good time today, and hope that the bad luck will go away and live better and better. She poured herself a glass for all three and said cheers
After dinner, Anyiyang took the initiative to go out and write across the street, and then stayed across the street to rest.
An Shutong said, Come over, second brother. I’ll clean up here.
夜网论坛Well, I’ll come over later. Huojiang patted Anyiyang on the shoulder and motioned for him to follow.
Looking at a tall, slender figure gradually disappearing, An Shutong slowly sat down again with her hands holding her face and her eyebrows bent up. She was actually very happy at the moment, which was the happiest day for her these days.
An Shutong cleaned up the dishes and went to the bathroom to take a shower.
Huo Jiangcheng came back after taking a shower.
An Shutong greeted him and said, How is Ayang studying now? Ma is going to have a holiday. Can you get good grades in the college entrance examination?
Huo Jiangcheng dropped his keys on the table and walked towards her, saying, He’s very clever. Some things don’t worry. It should be no problem. He went to wash his hands and she stuck to the past and continued to ask questions.
Second brother Ayang seems to listen to you now. When he was a former father, he didn’t listen to his father very much because he always said that his father was too strict with him, but I think you are stricter with him. He doesn’t seem to be exclusive.
Huojiangcheng washed his hands, dried them and turned around.
Don’t worry, I will urge him, but I won’t be too strict. Huo Jiangcheng’s white wife is worried that she is afraid that he will be too strict, but it will backfire.
Thank you, second brother. An Shutong smiled and thanked him, rolled his eyes and said, Then I’ll go to the room after you take a shower.
Good He should have watched her leave before turning into the bathroom.
One of the beds was folded well, and she thought for ten minutes at the end of the bed whether to take the cover out of the cupboard again. If she did, it would be to prevent Brother Huo from touching her, but if so, it would mean that she was willing to share the bed with him, which implied that he would touch himself.
An Shutong struggled for a long time and had a real headache. Finally, she decided to throw this problem to Huo Jiangcheng.
No matter how he treats her tonight, she won’t refuse.
After staying in the bedroom for ten minutes, she turned and went out
Huo Jiangcheng went into the bedroom and didn’t see anyone go to the living room. There was no one in the living room. He went to the room and finally found someone.
Why don’t you sleep? He walked in.
An Shutong was brushing Weibo to watch the news and saw Huo Jiangcheng coming. She pointed to her brain and sighed and said, Watching the news is very angry. It’s either campus violence or subway aggression. Although people in the news media have encountered too many such news, they will always be more angry every time they see it.
Huojiangcheng walked over and took a glance at her side.
Go to sleep first, he thought for her. There will always be endless worries in this world. These things will always hurt you and eventually you will be yourself.
An Shutong smiled at him. That’s right.
Followed him into the bedroom and glanced at the eye bed. An Shutong used the excuse to go to the toilet or let him choose.
Huo Jiangcheng has nothing to look at. When she left, he went to open the closet, from which he took out a bed and was laid.
When An Shutong came back, Huo Jiangcheng was already lying on the bed and covered with a quilt alone.
Breathe out gently and walk slowly to the bed. An Shutong got into another quilt.
She said good night and slept with her back to him.
Huo Jiangcheng turned on the light and lay down. In the dark, neither of them fell asleep, thinking about things with his eyes open.
Second brother, are you asleep? After a while, an Shutong asked softly
Huojiangcheng Road Not yet
An Shutong turned over to face him and fell asleep sideways. She wanted to talk to him, but when she turned around and felt that the man was facing her, she was afraid to talk again.
Woo ~ I want to say good night to you, she said.
HuoJiangCheng gently well didn’t say goodbye to him, but gradually he came to breathe smoothly.
It’s too dark in the room. An Shutong can’t see his face clearly, but he can imagine that he must be very serious even if he is asleep.
Entertainment was settled by Huo Jiangcheng. The next morning, An Shutong went to the newspaper early and went well.
The lingering voice said, When will Sister An treat us to wedding candy?
The day hasn’t been decided yet. An Shutong casually said a sentence.
Actually, she doesn’t want to make a big splash. She doesn’t pay attention to any form at all, and she is very happy because she wants the two of them to get along well and harmoniously.
Sister An, you won’t not invite me to your wedding, will you? I want to go. She likes to deal with people in the society.
An Shutong said, I don’t know what the Huo family thinks yet. Maybe there won’t be a big banquet. If the family eats, they won’t invite friends.
How can Anjie? How can Mr. Huo’s wedding not pay attention to ostentation and extravagance? The lingering voice smiled incredulously and said, It must be Sister An. Look, I don’t want to invite me.
An Shutong has a headache. He is so good and there are so many good women waiting in line to marry him, but he still married me. Everything can’t be calculated according to common sense.
Section 5
An Shutong means that Mr. Huo’s wedding standard turns out to be a big banquet, so the bride should also be an identity treasure. Now she is just a poor daughter. Since he even married her, why can’t he have a simple wedding?
_ ____w_ w_ w___ __ _o_m
The lingering sound covered her chest. I have been hurt by 10,000 points. Sister An, how can you sprinkle dog food?
All right, let’s go to work. An Shutong didn’t want to talk about this. She came here today to get down to business.
In Vice President Zhu’s office, Vice President Zhu asked an Shutong to sit down and said, No need. I just want to say that I won’t come tomorrow whether you approve or not.
Now an Shutong is a native of Huojiang, and Zhu Fuzong, who dare not offend again, can hold the word Mrs. Huo, please sit down first
Text 3 Former motherinlaw words
An Shutong pulled the corners of her mouth, and her heart was very white. She didn’t say much about Zhu Fuzong’s attitude. It was also because of her status as Mrs. Huo that she was even more white.
Giving her such an identity may be the greatest protection for her.
Everyone is realistic now. Everyone tramples on you, but when you become tall, everyone flatters you.
In just a few months, she has tried ups and downs, received respect, suffered humiliation and contempt, and now she is quite calm about these.
Sitting in Lai ‘an Shutong directly said, I have something to do in five minutes.