Mom, that’s gossip. Zhuanghe is not like that. Wu Muchen interrupted his mother’s words. Although he didn’t believe that Liuzhuanghe was innocent, he didn’t want his mother to be biased against her until it was confirmed.

There is no smoke without fire.
Seeing that Wu Muchen didn’t talk, Ruan Xianshu continued to lobby Now Qianqian is pregnant with your child and she is the only daughter of Huo’s family, which will also help your future career.
Mom, you said that my ears are cocooned. I want to work hard on my own for the company. Wu Muchen couldn’t help but stretch out his hand and rub it.
Last night, he didn’t sleep at all. He couldn’t wait to beat Gu’s post when he thought of Gu’s post holding a photo of Liuzhuang Lotus.
But it doesn’t make sense for him to beat someone with just one photo. Besides, he can’t beat him at Wu Muting’s birthday party.
You don’t listen to me if you know everything. Ruan Xianshu made Wu Muchen even more annoyed.
Mom, I’ll handle this matter at your disposal. Leave it alone. Wu Muchen got up and walked towards the door.
Aunt Liu was about to come over and ask them to go to the restaurant for dinner. When she saw Wu Muchen walking outside, she quickly called him Young Master Ma is going to eat.
Aunt Liu, I won’t eat. You can eat with my mother.
Aunt Liu brought up Wu Muchen from an early age. The ancient saying is that Wu Muchen, the wet nurse, has always respected her.
He is more dependent on Aunt Liu than when he was a child, because Ruan Xianshu is busy with work every day, and sometimes it is left to him. Every time he comes home, it is late, and most of the time he falls asleep.
Looking at Wu Muchen who has gone away, Aunt Liu sighed that this home is becoming less and less like a home.
Madam, have dinner.
spa会所Ruan Xianshu leaned against the sofa with her eyes closed and her eyes not open. I have no appetite to eat.
Do you really want her to take out the mall means to deal with him when she grows up?
After Huo Qianqian left, Liuzhuang sat up and continued to tidy up the room.
It’s already quick to clean up the room, but Wu Muchen still hasn’t come back.
Liu Zhuanghe took out his mobile phone and prepared to give him a message. After thinking about it, she released it again. She really didn’t have the courage to listen to his voice, especially after Huoqianqian’s provocation.
Since Wu Muchen hasn’t made a statement yet, she is still Mrs. Wu.
Although this marriage makes her feel very powerful, the thought of Wu Muchen and Huo Qianqian makes her feel disgusting, but she can’t be so selfish and take care of herself now that she has children.
She was an orphan since she was a child and didn’t love her parents. She couldn’t let her child be born without a father.
Maybe Wu Muchen has his plan, otherwise Huo Qianqian wouldn’t come to her and show her lack of confidence.
When I opened the refrigerator, I saw that none of the ingredients in it wanted to eat, and the things that happened one after another made her have no appetite at all, but the child could not eat nothing.
Finally, she warmed up a glass of milk and held warm milk. Liu Zhuanghe sat on the sofa and turned on the camera to see what was playing in the video. She didn’t care at all. She felt that the room was too quiet and there was a little noise to make herself feel less lonely.
The mobile phone shows short message information
Liu Zhuang He put a cup and took the mobile phone. When he saw that it was Gu Si Lang who sent a message, he was always looking for her.
Open it, Miss Liu. Are you okay?
It is strange that Gu always knows that she is Wu Muchen’s wife, but she never calls her Miss Liu, not Mrs. Wu, even his friends.
Gu Si’s heart didn’t make Liu Zhuanghe feel that there was anything wrong with her. He almost knew that there was nothing wrong with Party A’s heart and Party B’s heart.
Click the reply key with your finger and edit it quickly.
Thank you, Mr. Gu. I’m fine. And thank you for paying for my BMW. I’ll pay you back as soon as possible.
After receiving the information, Gu Si was stunned, but she still saw the news.
Actually, he doesn’t want her to pay him back at all. She drinks and pays the bill. He is happy to do so.
When the idea jumped into my mind, Gu Silang himself was startled. When did he become so nosy?
Because she is too pitiful, he sympathizes with her. It must be so.
Gu Boshang didn’t respond. She said she wanted to pay back her money, but she thought about it and told her the purpose of the plan.
The soul of Gu’s plan is that the family will give it to me before next Monday.
Seeing the information, Liu Zhuanghe was excited to sit up straight, but I didn’t expect to ask her many times without results. Now I told her.