Two unicorns!

Seeing that Chen Mo took out two unicorns and some of them came around np to accept the players’ envy.
This guy is lucky, isn’t he? He met two unicorns out of ten!
It’s a pity that he has already made it. If we see us outside, we will be rich!
Many people in the crowd are talking about it, and they even want to rob Chen Mo first.
They don’t know that if they are in the wild, they have been killed by Chen Mo.
Good, you did a good job. Your voucher is a record of the fact that you gave me two unicorns. When you go to the keeper on this floor, he will let you enter the reward layer. You can catch two unicorns and enter the war beast layer to catch two war beasts. Of course, it depends on your own luck.
The middleaged man saw that Chen Mo not only killed a fugitive, but also brought back two unicorns. He was very satisfied and nodded.
Chen Mo thanked the horse and hurried to the fifth floor keeper.
The watchman is still an old man. When Chen Mo saw him, he took out his certificate. The old watchman took a look and took out a scroll. This is a special scroll sent to the reward layer. After you make it, you can send it directly to the reward layer. When you come out from the reward layer, you will enter the sixth layer.
Show that you get the special delivery scroll!
It is very rare that the special delivery reel can enter the designated reward layer after it is enabled at the corresponding layer of the ability tower!
Reward floor, I’m coming!
Chen Mo got the special scroll, and the horse moved it directly.
Chen Mo appeared in a delicate courtyard with a flash of light.
Here comes another little guy.
Ah, it’s hard to raise a war beast and send another one out.
Not necessarily. Maybe he also failed to catch. There are many people who came here to catch the failure in the end.
Blame it on, everyone is greedy.
There are several grooms in the courtyard who are inconspicuous and np’s are whispering.
Come here, little guy.
Beside several grooms, there was a lazy and fat man lying around np. He shouted to Chen Mo with his eyes open.
This is a war beast contract. There are a lot of war beasts outside this hospital. You can take the contract to contract with the war beast you want. If the contract succeeds, you can take the war beast away from the contract failure. Naturally, there is nothing left. Pang Langyang took out a scroll and waved it at Chen Mo.
Show that you have won the war beast contract!
The special props of the war tower can be contracted with a war beast. If the messenger is a hunter or summoner, this contract can also be permanently contracted with the war beast to make the war beast a pet, but it will increase the difficulty of the contract.
Well, I’ve given you the contract, so you can go to the war beast you like to contract. Fat waved to catch people.
Boss, there are still matters needing attention.
A groom’s younger brother woke up quickly.
Precautions: Oh, by the way, there are also precautions. There are not many precautions. You should remember that it is ok to hurt the fighting beast inside, but you can’t kill it. If you kill the fighting beast, you will be defeated by the area. Fat smell speech is lazy to add.
Why is there any problem?
See Chen Mo didn’t first from fat a little uncomfortable to ask.
I want to catch two war beasts. Do I need two contracts?
Chen Mo checked a contract and knew that it was a consumable prop, so he knew that Fat Shao gave him a contract.
Do you want two copies? Everyone who comes here is a copy! Fat surprised to Chen Mo.
Chen Mo was too lazy to explain why he handed over his voucher directly.
Advanced credentials? Fat at the sight of this going a while, but as he is right, the voucher record information is a language.
It’s so lucky to catch two unicorns. Unicorns don’t mean that you can catch one if you want. It’s good to catch two people in such a short time, which can be said to be a person with advanced credentials.
Well, I’ve got a contract for you. After confirming the voucher information, Fat also readily took another contract to Chen Mo.
By the way, I’ll give you a piece of advice. You should do what you can here, don’t aim too high, or you’ll probably come home with your hands full.
Chen Mo turned to be discharged from the hospital fat when suddenly debut.
The silence nodded out of the hospital.
It’s not that he doesn’t listen to the warning, but that he hasn’t even seen the reward layer war beast to judge the fat words.
桑拿会所It’s really worthy that the war beasts look very fierce one by one!
Chen Mo has been to World of Warcraft. World of Warcraft is very similar to here, and the rules are the same. You can’t kill living creatures in it.
However, compared with those mount beasts that are not aggressive in World of Warcraft, each of the reward layer war beasts looks extremely fierce and has great fighting capacity.
Chen Mo came all the way to see the wolf, tiger, leopard and other unified types of war beasts. Each of these war beasts is ferocious and aggressive, and can contract with them to make them their own war beasts. It is estimated that they can double their combat effectiveness for a while.
Chen Mo tried and met some battles, and found that the fighting capacity of the fighting beasts was very strong. One can fight about two or three monsters of the same level and the damage will not be too great.
However, Chen Mo turned a circle and found that there were some common monster types and war beasts around him.
These battles have good attack power, but they are still not enough for Chen Mo.
Not very rare or powerful war beast, he doesn’t care about his roots.
And a circle turned to Chen Mo also found that in this reward layer, the war beast also has a territorial division like the monster outside.
Weak and weak war beasts will be attacked by powerful war beasts if they accidentally enter the territory of powerful war beasts.
But the socalled powerful war beast Chen Mo still can’t see the eye.
These war beasts are not strong enough!
Different war animals have turf wars, and that’s all, which makes Chen Mo even more eloquent. When he passed a squirrel activity place, he saw that there was rejection along with World War I animals.
Squirrel, a fighting beast with almost no fighting capacity, should be regarded as the weakest fighting beast here. Normally, Chen Mo wouldn’t even look at the squirrel root, so he wouldn’t consider it.