The priest said that if everyone is lip service, it is difficult to realize their wishes, and they must truly believe in their gods to defeat the enemy.

However, the congregation are not all idiots. They firmly believe that Mo Xiaoxie can’t defeat prester’s true belief that human beings in Mo Xiaoxie are very rare.
Mo Xiaoxie can’t change this situation for the time being. After all, he hasn’t really benefited his congregation.
The deduction of crystal drill has been completed. Mo Xiaoxie can make crystal drill with soil elements.
The speed of making crystal diamonds is relatively slow. In the battle, there is almost no solid crystal diamonds to condense weapons, which is equivalent to an epic whiteboard weapon. Although it is not enchanted, it is still very sharp.
With the crystal drill, Mo Xiaoxie can go deeper into the magic well.
This time, he went directly to the 2,500meter position of the well, and his decomposition has reached level 5, just enough to decompose the magic crystal here.
Mo Xiaoxie has tasted the sweetness. Decomposition is becoming more and more powerful, and it is big enough to instantly decompose his island. The goal of Mo Xiaoxie’s research is still decomposition, and the attribute is second.
The more you go to the well, the bigger it is.
There are rolling magic springs everywhere. The danger is not that the crystal diamond blocks the silent offensive of the spring and allows Mo Xiaoxie to practice his decomposition.
He held Tracy in one hand and locked the shaft wall target in the other.
The magic crystal here is very hard, and the hardness is not lower than that of the crystal drill. Although Mo Xiaoxie is more and more familiar with these magic crystal structures, the decomposition experience has not decreased a lot, and these crystal structures will change every time they drop a distance, and they will decompose like another material.
With the increasing level of decomposition, this little magic consumes more and more magic, but this foundation is negligible
Mo Xiaoxie is currently mp to calculate that he can make more than 100 decompositions in one breath.
After a lot of practice, the decomposition level finally rose to level 6. Mo Xiaoxie thought for a moment that the reinforcement of the Golden Army should have been completed
Now it’s time to fight back. Soaking in the depths of the magic well for a long time has greatly increased Mo Xiaoxie’s attribute value. His maximum health value has reached more than 250 million.
The most important thing is the sixlevel decomposition. Today’s achievements have been made because the instructor Jian helped Mo Xiaoxie to study this skill painstakingly and sleepless.
Decomposition has been able to directly decompose the epic level equipment. This transcendence magic has reached a very bad level. Plus the Golden Army Mo Xiaoxie believes that he has been able to clean up prester.
He has always been very cautious and has received some information from prester for a long time.
Mo Xiaoxie has decided that he doesn’t want to wait for his counterattack plan immediately, but before that, he wants to try how deep the crystal drill protection can reach the Magic Well.
Slowly lowering the well is getting bigger and bigger, the magic concentration is getting higher and higher, and the energy is getting more and more violent.
Mo Xiaoxie finally decided that this distance has now reached the well 3000 meters.
He never thought that he would come to such a deep place before. The magic well is the most mysterious placeespecially the well, which has been lacking in research because it is full of dangers.
He doesn’t know what will be deeper. It’s a mystery.
The farther you look, the more blocked you are. Although the magic source keeps emitting a light that is similar to blue, it is still difficult for Mo Xiaoxie to see the situation 100 meters away. It is better to turn a little after he strengthens his magic.
The change of crystal diamond has always been Mo Xiaoxie’s focus. If it breaks or creaks, he will be on high alert, but these situations have not yet appeared.
It has reached a depth of 4,200 meters, and it is horribly quiet here. Occasionally, bubbles pop up to wake Mo Xiaoxie up. It is not still here, otherwise the surrounding scenery will not change, which will make him really have this illusion.
Deeper and deeper, the crystal drill finally squeaked. Mo Xiaoxie estimated that if the crystal drill went further than 500 meters, it would be unable to carry it. That was probably the limit. He didn’t want to risk deciding to retreat after another 200 or 300 meters.
Continue to slowly descend. Mo Xiaoxie is becoming more and more cautious.
Suddenly, an undercurrent from the well shows fluctuation, which makes Mo Xiaoxie nervous. If it is pulled into a place too deep by the undercurrent, it will die. At this depth, even if it becomes a real demon, it will not escape to the shore.
桑拿会所  title=Because I have been prepared for it for a long time, when the undercurrent came, Mo Xiaoxie had already controlled the body to move.
That undercurrent has a large area, and Mo Xiaoxie escaped along the borehole wall.
Just as he was about to continue his descent, he suddenly found a great shadow on the well, which seemed to have reached the bottom, but it was not like Mo Xiaoxie could not see clearly because of the blurred vision.
He never knew that the magic well had a bottom. It is said that the magic source is connected with the whole world, and the structure is a plane meridian, which is connected with other magic wells and cannot have a bottom.
But what’s that shadow?
Mo Xiaoxie didn’t move again, but carefully observed it. Soon Mo Xiaoxie found the undercurrent fluctuating more and more like a huge wave. He immediately determined that the shadow was alive!
The fluctuation is caused by that thing! This shocked Mo Xiaoxie that there should be a living thing in such a deep place as the Magic Well! Although he is one of them, but … What is that big guy?
Great fluctuations are becoming more and more obvious and intense.
The wave is overwhelming, and Mo Xiaoxie roots are inevitable. If they are involved, they will be pushed first and then sucked into the abyss, and they will die.
The feeling be nasty in Mo Xiaoxie hurriedly decomposition took out a big hole in the wall hurriedly move in this just to avoid those fluctuations.
Well, the monster swam in. It has a round body and a long tail. It looks like a fish, not a fish. Mo Xiaoxie has never seen anything like it.
The monster is more than 1000 meters long, swimming with his huge eyes and glancing at the place where Mo Xiaoxie is. Seeing him here obviously makes Mo Xiaoxie shudder.
This monster is absolutely powerful, and it is probably the patron saint of this plane. If you accidentally provoke it, the outcome will be very miserable.
The monster finally lost interest in Mo Xiaoxie, swam for a while and then returned to the well. The undercurrent did not end immediately, but continued to fluctuate, making it difficult for Mo Xiaoxie to act.
Suddenly, Mo Xiaoxie saw several shadows coming from Fang Fei, and the speed was very fast. It was obviously driven by the undercurrent. Maybe something good caused Mo Xiaoxie to pay more attention.
When those small shadows approached, Mo Xiaoxie found that it was really what he had been longing forcoming from the well to prepare!
This time, Mo Xiaoxie finally believed what the magic dragon leader said that day. His magic armor seems to have been found in the magic well.
It must be extraordinary to be able to prepare here.
Those pieces of equipment are darting around quickly, and judging from the flowing direction of the spring, they will be pulled into the depths again soon.
The magic spring is driven by the monster to flow on one side and surge on the other, forming a turning point not far from Mo Xiaoxie.
Several pieces of equipment changed direction at that turning point and were driven by flowing spring water to quickly fall into the well.
Fortunately, this position is in Mo Xiaoxie. Once, unlike the Magic Dragon Master, you can pick it up in a place of two or three hundred meters. If Mo Xiaoxie can’t grasp it, you have to watch the opportunity slip away.
He hurried to make a large net with a crystal drill and fixed the root on the shaft wall in the hope of fishing for several pieces of equipment. Because it is too big here, it is very likely that the root of the large net of other crystal drills will fail.
Seeing that a few pieces of equipment were about to flow away with the spring water, Mo Xiaoxie quickly moved the net, and as a result, he caught a net and got three pieces of equipment.
Ha ha developed! Mo Xiaoxie was overjoyed and excited, so he couldn’t wait to see the properties of these equipment. For example, from the perspective of this bright degree, it is absolutely extraordinary.
However, he knew very well that he was now at a depth of nearly 5 thousand meters, which could be fatal. He resisted his impulse and finally decided to go back to shore immediately before looking at the equipment.
Wait until the undercurrent disappears and the spring water gradually calms down. Mo Xiaoxie hurriedly controls the large crystal drill block wrapped around him to float.
Just now, that troll left a deep impression on Mo Xiaoxie, and the irresistible fear impressed him deeply. He could feel that the troll was absolutely stronger than prester in this loworder plane, and it was really unexpected for him to have such a strong level.
After returning to the ground, Mo Xiaoxie eagerly took out those three pieces of equipment.
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