14 oktober-release: Natalia Vlamiti MIVINA POCARLOSA

Op 14 oktober is de vreemde taal gemeld: NataliaVladimirovnapoklonskaya Chinese vertaling: Natalia Flagimirovna Pocina Poklonskaya Achtergrond Introductie: Russian Satellite News Agency meldde dat Russische president Poetin heeft aangesteld Natalia Fla Kimi Roma Pocarlosa is een ambassadeur aan de Boeddha. Geboren in de Krim, 18 maart 1980, werd geboren in de Krim, en maart 2014 diende […]

Chongqing 8 companies have become a new round of state-owned enterprise reform "pioneers"

  A few days ago, the website of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission announced the latest round of state-owned enterprise reform "double hundred action" enterprises, Chongqing’s 8 municipalities in key state-owned enterprises were selected. In the future, these selected enterprises will serve as the "scorpion" of state-owned enterprise reforms, and achieve critical breakthroughs through […]

Buitengewoon schrijven met gewoon gebruik van strijd

  Vóór het Police Festival van het eerste Chinese People, de teamleden van de special Police Detachment direct onder de Qinghai-provincie, de Special Police Detachment van de Guolu Tibetaanse autonome prefectuur, de Provincie Qinghai, vreesde de koude, streefde erop Prostitute of the People’s Guards; het universele advocaten van de provincie van geavanceerde individuen, Yushu Tibetaanse autonome […]

Chen Ping, secretary of the Standing Committee of Zhenjiang Dands, and deputy director Chen Pingcai accepted discipline review and supervision

Original title: Chen Pingcai, Party Secretary and Deputy Director Chen Pingcai, and deputy director Chen Pingcai, Zhenjiang City, Zhenjiang City, received discipline review and monitoring of the secretary of the Party Group of the People’s Congress of the Town River City, deputy director Chen Ping, is suspected of serious violation of law, and is currently […]

2025 completed national cold chain food traceability management platform

Original title: In 2025, the National Cold Chain Food Takes Management Platform The Office of the Office of the State Council issued "14th Five-Year" Cold Chain Logistics Development Plan (hereinafter referred to as "planning"), strengthen top-level design and work guidance, push the cold chain logistics Quality development. "Plan" proposes that by 2025, it is initially […]

At the end of this year, the broadband administrative village will be dynamically clear.

Original title: At the end of this year, the broadband administrative village will dynamically clear this newspaper Beijing May 17th (Reporter Wang Zheng) reporter learned from 2021 World Telecommunications and Information Society Day: At present, my country’s administrative village fiber and 4G proportions All exceeded 99%, this year, strive to achieve dynamic clearness of unwanted […]

Central Bank launched a 7-day 10 billion yuan reverse purchase operation winning interest rate 2.2% to fully meet the needs of financial institutions

Thousands of fate of spicy flour months are on the table. On November 15th, the central bank official website reported that in order to maintain the midwork of the banking system, the People’s Bank launched a $ 10 million borrowing convenience (MLF) operation (including November 16th and 30th) on November 16th, 2021 Sub-mlf expired sequel), […]

Chongqing Foreign Trade College, Tencent Cloud will build "Tencent Cloud Industry College"

  People’s Network Chongqing December 12th is better to better cultivate the application of social, enterprises, and industry needs, accelerating the pace of local economic and social development. On December 10, Chongqing’s first national data and intelligent engineering industry college, the first council, Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud, Science and Technology, China High-tech, iQiyi and other representatives […]