“OK OK,Prince sartu,As long as you know that I am not here to harm you。”Qiao Tianyu patted Prince Sartu on the shoulder,Comfort road。

Slap in the face,Give another sweet date—-This is what Qiao Tianyu has tried repeatedly“Tame people”Technique。 “I know!I understand!”Prince Sartu quickly responded,“Brother Joe,Please tell me if you have anything,Up the knife, down the fire,I have nothing to say about Sartu!” “it is good!”Qiao Tianyu is very satisfied with Prince Sartu’s statement,“I need your help to send […]

Shen Lin watched Su Ran’s cute behavior,Smiled。Twenty minutes later,Shen Lin saw Qi Zheng’s car,Qi Zheng also saw Shen Lin’s car。

Qi Zheng honked the horn,Shen Lin also clicked,Then two cars drove to the base one after another。 Arrived at the base,Qi Zheng didn’t say anything polite to them,But the brother of the base,I was surprised to see Su Ran,Although there are many girls in their base,But this eldest lady who looks so pampered,Why can I […]

before this,In fact, many comrades in China know that Chen Geng is not only rich,And is a very famous car designer in the world,They even got Honda earlyX-BOChryslerfamilyPhoto,I even tried to make a small scale sludge model made by a domestic unit,I just want to see how the cars designed by Chen Geng actually look like。

But no amount of photos and clay models are as shocking as the real car in front of you。 Let’s talk about the Ford Crown Victoria,This is a length up to5.4M large full-size car,The only domestic car that is longer than this one is DahongqiCA770,The length is just stuck6Meter——5.995Meter,But Dahongqi is a three-row sedan,The Ford […]

“Big brother,Did you cast the wrong baby??You know you are a man,A species that bleeds without tears,You cry in front of me now what’s the situation?People who don’t know don’t think what happened to me,Are you going to stand up and be clear?”

Qin Feng said that he was stunned. What are these things?,He also doesn’t know what to say now。 “you are bullying me,you are bullying me,I want to tell my mom。”Bai Chi cried and shouted,He is rolling on the ground like a child。 “Holding grass,If not for today,I can’t believe that there are such unique characters […]

at last,All the tank tracks are entangled by these damn vines,It seems that this kind of plants in the entire jungle have been summoned。

And the strange thing is,They have an unusual hobby for this big metal guy,But have no feeling for the humans passing by,Whether it’s ordinary people or mutants,It seems that everything is not their dish。 ———— Chapter six hundred and ninety one Magical tahini The role of the tank seems to be limited to this,Then the […]

“because this。”Chubby face took out a pendant from his pocket,Put it in Qiao Tianyu’s hands。

“Round Jade Dragon Pendant?”Qiao Tianyu recognized the pendant at a glance,Isn’t that the third relic that Qiao Hanfei left to Lily before his death?? Before Qiao Hanfei died,Three relics left to Lily,Round Jade Dragon Pendant,Old Hang Jade Jade Bracelet,And purple diamond silver box。 As for the old pit jade bracelet,And purple diamond silver box,Has played […]

Liu Chunlan’s eyes are covered with red blood,She said in a begging tone:“Xiao Fan,You save your dad,Now only you can save him,Even for Yoona,You must save him。”

Xiao Fan nodded,Watching Liu Chunlan say:“Mom, don’t worry,I will try my best to save dad,Don’t worry too much,Yoona will feel distressed if she knows it。” I heard Yoona Lin,Liu Chunlan was stunned,Wiped away tears,Yes, and Yoona,She can’t fall,She has to be strong。 Xiao Fan looked at Liu Chunlan,I feel very uncomfortable,Then he told Li Ma […]

“If something happens to my lady,,Let’s talk about things now,If nothing else,I’ll go first!”

Zong Xueqin glanced at Xia Chenglong bitterly,Then he said to Xia Chenglong in a rather resentful tone:“You guys are really incomprehensible。” Zong Xueqin said quietly to them:“In this case,OK then,Everyone is smart,Straight back and forth,I just opened the skylight to speak up,This time I asked you to come because I want you,To be my bodyguard。” […]

“Really think so。”Chen Wenjin affirmed again。

“I didn’t expect you to think so……”Hui said,The mood is obviously calmer。“Maybe,I actually don’t know you enough。But you don’t know my dad。He has high demands on me,Treat me well and be strict with me。you know,Patriarchal over there,No boy inherits incense,Can’t look up。I’m very stressed as the eldest daughter,My dad won’t allow me to be just […]

These 24 people are all warriors above the transcendent realm,Even if it’s dangerous here,But it won’t happen,What’s more, there is also Xia Chenglong, a master at the peak of the Saint Realm.。

The previous task was executed smoothly,They successfully got what they wanted,Then return according to the scheduled route。 This is a route that has been carefully considered,It stands to reason that they are safe after they came here,However, some players still lost their lives under a mysterious arrow that appeared suddenly。 Everyone started yelling,Warn friends around,Originally […]