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Gao Xiaoxiao had several dreams, which were intermittent, real and unreal.

At the age of 16, the lacquer mahogany fell off on a rainy night. At the age of 20, Gu was wearing a white sweater to the north. She said to her, "Excuse me, can I hide here for a rain?"
At the age of seventeen, my grandmother had a stroke bed in the summer. She suddenly had a high fever and didn’t retreat. She took the train from D city to Chongcheng and carried her to the hospital for infusion. She didn’t eat or drink and accompanied her.
And the night before she came to D city, he said sincerely, "Xiaoxiao, wait a few days and I’ll take you to a place where we are together, okay?"
As soon as the picture turns, she is alone in the cold living room.
Master Gu looked at her with a face of disgust and said, "I’ve gone to England to the north and won’t come back in recent years. You’d better go back to Chongcheng … and don’t come to D city. Our family has nothing to do with you."
桑拿会所Gao Zhenning handed her her ID card and bag and wiped her tears. She said, "Listen to mom and go back to Chongcheng. Mom will come back to see you after the holidays."
Instead of going back to Chongcheng, she secretly hid in D city. She didn’t believe that Gu had gone north. He said that she would go to find her. She had many grievances and wanted to tell him …
Suddenly, Gu Liqing appeared in the picture, splashing her with a pot of cold water from head to toe, accusing her of saying, "shameless little bitch seduced my brother-in-law and now she wants to seduce my boyfriend!"
Gao Xiaoxiao felt that it was not good to be cold-eyed, but vaguely heard the child shouting "Mommy" and "Mommy" and tried to open his eyes, but he was worried about Xiaobai.
He held a wet towel in his hand and put it on her forehead. The little milk voice said urgently and quickly, "Mommy’s driver, Uncle Ma, will you go to the hospital soon?"
Gao Xiaoxiao touched his hot forehead and propped himself up to get up.
A black Range Rover is parked there.
Gu opened the window to the north and stared at the corridor door with an unlit cigarette in his long finger. It was like a sculpture.
He left yesterday, but when he woke up in the morning, he couldn’t control himself and drove here again.
After watching it for more than half an hour, he threw the cigarette and started the car to leave.
But the corridor door came to the sound, and when I looked up to the north, I saw a familiar little figure coming out. He was carrying a bag and holding a woman in a coat.
Keep quiet and watch in the car until the woman suddenly squats down …
Gu pushed open the door to the north and walked past.
After writing so many words, I found that Tian Han came out less ~
Don’t blame me, just blame him for dropping his mobile phone ~ otherwise it would be his chance to save the United States by coming here ~
Will my father be unhappy when he comes?
"Sorry, children, there is a traffic jam on the road now. Will you wait a little longer?" The driver at the other end said sorry
Gao Xiaobai just put the phone behind him and came to the man’s voice "What happened to Xiaobai?"
Looking back, it was that uncle Gu. If I didn’t guess wrong, Mommy cried yesterday. She should have been sick with him and couldn’t get rid of him.
So Gao Xiaobai pinched her mouth and turned her little head away from him.
Gu north "…"
Gao Xiaoxiao frowned when she heard the sound. She propped herself up and led Xiaobai forward.
Gu looked at her footsteps in the north and frowned at her in the past. "Are you uncomfortable?" Why not go to the hospital? "
Gao Xiaobai looked up at him. "We are going to the hospital, but you are in the way."
Gu north "…"
"Xiao Bai should be polite to adults." Gao Xiaoxiao looked up and said politely, "Mr. Gu, would you please excuse me?"
Mr. Gu?
Gu north danger narrowed his eyes for a second and stretched out his hand directly to Gao Xiaoxiao around and strode towards the Range Rover.
Suddenly weightless and weak, Gao Xiaoxiao was black at the moment, trying to struggle but unable to make any effort.
At the moment when she passed out completely, she seemed to be back to seventeen years old. She also had a fever in the summer and was lying in bed alone. He suddenly rushed in and carried her to the hospital …
High white one leng hurriedly also chased to "bad uncle! Let go of my mommy! "
Gao Xiaoxiao opened his eyes again and found himself lying in the hospital.
My head doesn’t hurt much, but my throat is dry and I have no strength all over.
Turned his head to the side of the sofa, Gao Xiaobai fell asleep on his face, naked, tender, little feet, little face, red face, and looked so naive.
Gao Xiaoxiao was afraid that he would catch a cold and was about to get up. As soon as the door creaked, she closed her eyes at once.
Come in is gu to the north, he glanced at the sleeping mother and son will buy porridge and put it on the table before going to the bed to see Gao Xiaoxiao.
She lay slightly on the side of her head with black hair covering her cheeks and saw half of her white and pointed face.
Gu north light with a sigh.
Five years ago, he was going to Chongcheng to find her. The night before, his father talked to him about a deal.
But he is too young and conceited to think that she will be as willing to gamble with him in five years as herself.
But it turns out that no one in the world of love will wait forever.
It took him five years to return with pride, but she had already left and married his wife!
Section 3
I guess the reason is that he was sad and didn’t believe it. Only yesterday did he keep asking questions …
Gu north corners of the mouth evoked a trace of self-mockery, but when I looked up, I woke up with Gao Xiaobai on the sofa.
The corners of the mouth slowly turned to the north and looked at the little baby with a serious expression in front of him for a long time before he controlled his mood and said, "Xiaobai, do you want something to eat?"
"I’m not hungry," Gao Xiaobai said with a small face and a small milk voice. "Uncle, you can go. Mommy can take care of me."
"You are still a child, it will be better for me to accompany you here." Gu Bei said this is a bit empty.