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The familiar face at the bar counter is smiling at me. She drank a glass of wine and waved and went straight outside.

I couldn’t bear to watch her leave, so I went straight from the stage to the steps. The song stopped. I turned around and saw Yan Jiaxin staring at me blankly. Maybe it was because I didn’t answer her lyrics immediately.
At the moment, my thoughts are struggling repeatedly. This girl is uneasy. She can’t sing a lyric. She looks at me and slowly retreats.
And I am uneasy about whether to step back or forward on this step.
Chapter ninety The brightest star
The crowd is quiet, but my heart is beating seven. Many people don’t understand what they are looking at me. I will go to the steps and neither go nor go.
And Yan Jiaxin, her white face is blank and so confused. Looking at her at the moment, I finally took back the left foot that I was going to trample on.
Walk slowly to Yan Jiaxin and apologize and say "sorry"
She nodded to me after her expression came to her senses, and I didn’t ask me anything, but I said sorry to the crowd to show that I was distracted just now.
Sebrina, is it a coincidence that she actually came back and went to the city again? She still came here on purpose, and I met her. A series of thoughts were going on in my mind.
Although I am so eager to see her now and want to tell her what happened these days, I can’t leave now. If I leave now, the girl next to me will have no ability to control this stage. She will become flustered and won’t be able to sing because of her panic.
"Can you still sing?" I expressed my condolences to the lost girl.
She didn’t speak, but the song gave me the best response. The song gave me a reassurance. I accompanied the girl to finish the song calmly, and I didn’t have any extra thoughts to finish it myself.
After singing this moment, I didn’t hesitate to give the microphone directly to Yan Jiaxin, then turned and ran outside the bar. I stopped and turned to look at the girl. I felt wonderful in her eyes.
品茶论坛When I left the bar, I looked around and looked for the woman who made me remember more than the woman in red. She appeared in such a hurry and drove my mood when I left.
She appeared from my sight without any warning, and there was no disconnect. When I left from my sight, I couldn’t follow her footsteps at all.
I dialed Sebrina’s words as I ran, because I really have so much to tell her. I clearly remember that she just waved and smiled at me, which made me so clear.
"Where are you?"
Maruta, next to my bar, shouted at the front, maybe she has gone away, or maybe she is in a corner of the bar and just looks at me quietly.
The words were miraculously connected, and I immediately asked her, "Where are you? Where are you? Are you back?" I’m sure it was her. That woman in the bar must be her.
Sebrina did not deny that he responded directly to me and "came back."
"Will you ever walk again?" I asked in a trembling voice.
"can walk"
I was silent, and she was silent, but we didn’t hang up. I leaned against the Ma Lukou pole as if she seemed to be talking to me in such a place that I could rely on.
I lit a cigarette to calm my mood at the moment, and she finally said to me, "When you finish smoking."
I smiled very indifferently, but my smile made me take a drag on my cigarette and cough heavily.
Enjoying the slow smoking, it is just so slow that I can calm my heart fluctuations safely and calmly.
After I finished smoking this cigarette, I just threw it on the floor and stepped on it. I didn’t take the initiative to say anything because I felt that she would speak before me.
"Do you believe in fate?" I’m sure she finally asked me at this moment.
"That’s why I can see you at the same time by accident. This is the happiest smile. You are not lonely now, and I can’t imagine it well."
"What about you?"
"I" Sebrina paused coldly before continuing to reply to me. "I’ve been thinking about it for a long time these days, and I’ve been thinking about it myself for a long time. These days, I’m happy and unhappy. I’m bound to do my own thing and no one will bother me anymore. Unhappiness is that I have to continue to make my own choices and feel sorry. I know a lot, but I have to pretend that I don’t know. When I come back this time, I’m here to find Xu Mo and give her 30,000 you owe her, which means you will owe me, but I don’t
I laughed again. "You are so naive that you always like to make me look for it as a child."
She also smiled, "You are so naive that you always ask me to find all kinds of reasons to approach like when I was a child, but I found that I was wrong, so wrong is not outrageous, because you are so simple and simple that I let myself think about your feelings unnaturally, and it is this simplicity and complexity that made me dare not face up to you and dare not express myself."
We are really naive, but it is such childishness that we have been troubled to get along for so many years.
"Will you come back?"
"Yes", she replied positively.
"How soon will you be back?"
"when that moon is bright"
She is around me in a corner not far from me. Even if she is dressed like this, I still can’t find her. Sebrina is like a midnight elf. I can’t find her if she wants to hide herself in the dark.
She will appear when she takes off her hidden coat, when I meet her in the brightest moonlight.
I’m sure, positive, and more confident that she will be the truest side. I didn’t hide it when I met her, and I didn’t default.
I finally lit another cigarette. I can feel that she’s gone. We hung up and she left in an instant. It should be calm and proud.
And this night, the starlight is flashing. I looked up at the dense starlight and smiled with imaginary self-care. Maybe I didn’t light the cigarette, but I indifferently lit the moon with the unlit stars.
And Sebrina may be the brightest star and the most confident star among the stars.
"You have to work hard, you dream of working hard, you want to work hard and work hard."
Chapter ninety-one Rabbit
I found that I didn’t go to the bar to sing any more. I relied on this pole to wait for the woman I abandoned on the stage.
After half an hour, I still haven’t seen this girl in the bar and in the figure.
I don’t understand. I started talking to this girl, but the words never got through.
I didn’t continue to look at the door of the bar, but stepped inside again.
The stage has changed. Yan Jiaxin doesn’t have a noodle bar. I’ve been looking for this girl everywhere. I think she should be very unhappy because I didn’t give her a reason to leave.
The original seat, Yan Jiaxin, was drinking hard with a glass, but there was a strange man around her who I didn’t know.
I walked up to her and bowed my head to drink. She said, "Let’s go home."
She looked up at me and nodded slightly drunk, then handed the wine to the man next to me and left with me.
Before he left, the man also said, "Pay attention, Ann." I know this is definitely not for me, but it may be interesting.
She didn’t ask me why I left because I kept walking ahead. I could speed up to follow her footsteps. After walking for a while, she began to jump like a rabbit.
Maybe the wine made her confused just now and she didn’t know what she was doing.
I saw her pouting, standing by the railing, watching her hands with her waist, as if she were going to jump over the railing and then jump into the moat to take a bath in the cold river to reduce her body’s warmth and drunkenness, and let the cold wake herself up.
When I lit a cigarette, the girl jumped straight as if she were really crazy. I just lit the cigarette in the middle, so I threw the lighter aside and hugged her and said, "Don’t be excited, don’t be excited, girl. If you can’t jump, you will die."
I held her from the railing, but she turned her head and pointed at my nose with a smile on her face and said, "Big Rabbit, why are you so small?"