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However, Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan have limited ability and like Hu Fei to make a mess of "Jiang’s family", which makes Jiang Jinan’s father Jiang Cihe have a big fire and has been admitted to the hospital.

After Jiang Cihe woke up, Jiang Cihe decisively handed "Chiang’s family" to Jiang Jinan. Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan did not reprimand Jiang Cihe again. After that, Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan didn’t hum again, but dissatisfaction was bound to be even more cruel to Jiang Jinan.
Although Jiang Cihe gave Jiang Jinan the lead, Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan still kept the position of deputy general managers. Whether Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan are Jiang Cihe’s son or not, Jiang Cihe will not kill his own son, but this also makes Jiang Jinan’s "Jiang" unable to move and blocked everywhere.
Jiang Jin ‘an didn’t want to argue with Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan for "Chiang’s family" from the beginning. If Jiang Ci-he had to entrust "Chiang’s family" to him, Jiang Jin ‘an wouldn’t want to pick up this hot potato, let alone keep pestering Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan.
Jiang Jinan knew that "Jiang’s family" was the painstaking efforts of Jiang Cihe’s generation. Jiang Jinan also saw that "Jiang’s family" Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan’s leaders were gradually going uphill, and Jiang Jinan could shoulder the burden of saving the family business.
Jiang Jin-peng and Jiang Jin-han broke through many obstacles, and now Jiang Jin-an has slowly begun to take over the work of "Jiang’s family", but because of this, there is a shortage of talents, and Jiang Jin-an’s influence in "Jiang’s family" is still very weak, so Jiang Jin-an has to recruit outside.
Jiang Jinan and Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan are half-brothers. Jiang Jinan’s mother Bai Ping is Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan’s stepmother. Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan’s biological mothers, Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan, died of illness when they were young.
Jiang Jinan’s mother, Bai Ping, is a kind and virtuous woman. After she married Jiang Cihe, she always regarded Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan as her own children. Even after Bai Ping came to her own son, Jiang Jinan, Bai Ping still gave most of her arms to Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan, but neglected Jiang Jinan.
When Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan grow up, they know what’s going on at home. Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan’s attitude towards Bai Ping is getting worse and worse. Many times, they deliberately find trouble with Bai Ping and tease Bai Ping. Jiang Jinan’s treatment is even worse. They are often bullied and hurt by Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan.
However, Bai Ping never said a word, let alone complained to Jiang Cihe. All she had to do was swallow it into her heart. She also asked Jiang Jinan to do the same, but her heart for Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan didn’t change at all, just like a great mother who complained.
When Jiang Jinan was a child, he could always endure these unfair bullying. When Jiang Jinan grew up, he wanted to resist, but he was dissuaded by his biological mother Bai Ping.
Jiang Jinan gradually realized that Bai Ping’s tolerance for Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan had surpassed his cognition. Jiang Jinan felt that Bai Ping was weak and Bai Ping was willing to sacrifice herself and her relatives to maintain the superficial harmony of the Chiang family.
Knowing that there was no way to change this situation, Jiang Jinan moved out of the Chiang family long ago, but every time he went back, he was still not insulted by Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan. Later, Jiang Jinan didn’t want to go back to the Chiang family.
Now that "Chiang’s family" has fallen into the hands of Jiang Jinan, Jiang Jinan’s Chiang family is even more unpopular. Except for Jiang Cihe, I am afraid that no one will sincerely welcome him, not even his own mother Bai Ping.
Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan have already married, and the objects are all prominent families in Z city. With the help of another bridesmaid’s family, Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan’s Jiang Jiayi can’t stand it, which is why Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan will choose marriage.
Jiang Jin ‘an has never been married. Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan have also played up Jiang Jin ‘an’s idea. Miss Family, there is definitely no Jiang Jin ‘an. Jiang Jin ‘an is just the third son of their Jiang family, and Jiang Jin ‘an’s mother Bai Ping is a civilian with no background. Jiang Jin ‘an deserves to find a civilian like his mother at best.
Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan encouraged Bai Ping to really promise to act as matchmaker for Jiang Jinan. Of course, there won’t be many good conditions. Bai Ping is a native of W city. After marrying Jiang Cihe, she has always been a husband and wife, never going to any party, and she doesn’t know anyone who can introduce her. It is also in this way that Fu Qianfan can be introduced to Jiang Jinan.
Jiang Jinan knew that Bai Ping was instigated by Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan, but he accepted Bai Ping’s suggestion because Jiang Jinan didn’t want Bai Ping to be entangled by Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan all the time.
Blind date Jiang Jinan thinks there is no problem. He doesn’t have anything to meet, and he doesn’t mind finding an object with no background to get married. But don’t you agree with him? Will Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan force him to submit? He is no longer the kid behind his mother.
Now Jiang Jinan is so busy that he doesn’t even have a blind date, but he still has to keep an eye on the blind date process between Jiang Jinpeng and Jiang Jinhan, which will be over. Bai Ping has no choice but not to force Jiang Jinan again.
On this day, Jiang Jinan made an appointment to meet a guest in the hotel. This guest came from abroad and was also a big project led by Jiang Jinan after he took over "Jiang’s family". Therefore, Jiang Jinan attached great importance to starting early and rushing to the hotel.
After entering the hotel, Jiang Jinan was still in a hurry. Just now, the traffic jam took a lot of time. Although it is still a little far from the appointment, Jiang Jinan still wants to arrive as early as possible.
Jiang Jinan walked in a hurry, although he noticed that there was a figure running in his direction on the right hand side, but Jiang Jinan didn’t hide and accelerated his pace. He was more urgent, okay?
As a result, to outdo each other, the two men inevitably bumped into each other. Jiang Jinan was also knocked back several steps in a row, and almost fell to his knees. Why was he so unlucky that he was hit twice in just a few months, and he was hit almost every time? Now his chest position still hurts and hits him with a cow?
Seeing that the woman also fell to the ground, Jiang Jinan is a little balanced. He is not the most hurt woman. She has a long black hair and a white tile surface that stands out like a small black waterfall.
Jiang Jinan, a woman lying prone, couldn’t tell if she was injured, but it was quite serious to see the petals on the ground and the box of flowers scattered everywhere.
Wait a minute. Why is this situation so deja vu?
Jiang Jinan approached a few steps without any sense of guilt. If it wasn’t inappropriate, Jiang Jinan wanted to leave just like this, but Jiang Jinan still said, "We are both responsible for this matter. I have something urgent to leave first, and I will let the hotel staff come and help you."
With that, Jiang Jinan turned and continued to walk briskly. What happened behind him? Jiang Jinan didn’t want to care, but he always felt that there was a resentment behind him. Then Jiang Jinan heard someone shouting behind him.
Fanwai Jiang Jin ‘an’s article "athel loren"
"I hit someone and want to leave. Why are you so unreasonable? What do you mean, we are both responsible? Are you trying to play tricks now, or do you think I’m a girl who is easy to bully but leaves me here regardless of anything?"
A woman’s audio-visual sharp arrow seems to go straight through Jiang Jinan’s heart from behind. Although there is no wound, Jiang Jinan feels that ten thousand arrows go through the heart.
He should just leave and ignore that woman, and that woman’s madness calls him crazy, and there is no need to care, but Jiang Jinan just can’t help it. Anger in his heart urges him to take his steps. This dead woman actually slanders him in public and slanders him. Jiang Jinan can’t afford to lose face.
When Jiang Jinan turned around with a black face, the woman also got up. The woman’s body was fine, but the clothes were a little messy.
Seeing that Jiang Jinan stopped, the woman immediately rushed up to fear Jiang Jinan’s anger, stretched out her palm and shouted "losing money". That was enough to collect debts. Even if she saw that Jiang Jinan’s face was no better, the woman didn’t waver and stared back hard.
Who said that a man can’t hit a woman? He really wants to slap the woman in front of him now. How can there be such a woman? There is nothing wrong with a woman’s reserve. It is not even polite to deliberately slander him and make him lose money.
He can see that he must have been set up. This woman just came to touch porcelain. She just saw him and ran towards him. What else could it be? Besides, this is not the first time.
Hum, this woman, he only went back once, but she dropped the cake. This time it’s a new trick. It’s really close to changing it into a flower scam.
Jiang Jinan stared at the woman’s face as if she wanted to stab her with her eyes, but the woman was too thick-skinned. Jiang Jinan touched her half.
What makes Jiang Jinan depressed is that all cheats love to look for him. Does he look like a bully? Or is this woman coming back from him to get the benefits? She is looking for him again this time.
Women don’t seem to know him, but Jiang Jinan knows it’s just a trick, pretending to be a pure student and looking for a man’s hand
"Why do you want me to lose money? You deliberately bump into me and want me to lose money? Is this the truth? When you deliberately caused me to delay a lot, you didn’t dare to bother me. You should have laughed if I didn’t ask you for compensation?"
"You, you are still unreasonable. Is the road you? Can’t I go? If you hadn’t suddenly stopped in front of me, would I have hit you? Who cares?" The woman didn’t give in at all, and she also put on a dislike attitude towards Jiang Jinan. Such a man with no manners really opened her eyes.
Jiang Jinan laughed with anger. "Do you know clearly in your heart on purpose? This is not the first time you’ve come out of the case. Please keep your eyes open when you look for a target. I’m not such a liar. I can casually correct it. I’m in a hurry. I didn’t have the general knowledge with you. I’m afraid of you if you don’t want it."
The woman’s expression is startled first, then shocked, and then angry, which seems to be burning behind her.
When a woman understands Jiang Jinan’s words, she has bumped into someone twice. Since Jiang Jinan knows her, it means that when she met the plague, it was the same person as this time.
The woman stared at Jiang Jinan’s face and gradually found some impressions. Yes, she went back to that time. If she hadn’t taught Jiang Jinan a lesson, she might not have been able to get the money.
Now this man wants to default, because things are not angry and he insists on calling her a cheat.
That’s funny. If she was lying to her, she would never ask Jiang Jinan for such a reason to pester a man.
"I warn you not to insult my name casually. You know exactly what the truth is. You broke my things. I told you to pay for what you should pay. Do you know what I paid for? Don’t talk nonsense here if you don’t know."
"This time, you also broke my flower. Shouldn’t you pay compensation? How can you blame me? Don’t you have any responsibility at all?"
Not only do women retreat without knowing the difficulties, but they are also aggressive everywhere. It seems that they will not give up until they reach their goals.
"You said that if you want to deceive people, you should also make a draft and come back. You also admitted that you had wronged my cake money, so you changed flowers this time. Your family’s career is really diversified. What will be the cake and flowers?"
"You have to be so mean when you mistake people three times and two times. You are a fool. I won’t care about you. Don’t get away with your little plan every time. There are more people in this society than you."
桑拿会所Jiang Jinan is not so angry now, because that woman is not worth scoring, and it is not necessary to cheat him into being so angry.
"I’m not lying to you when you say that you are bloody. How can you frame others like this? You will lose money if you break my things. It’s a matter of course. Why do you keep arguing that you are so fond of distorting the facts?"
"I said I’m not lying to me, I’m not. If you don’t believe me all the time or you’ve wronged me all the time, then we’ll just go and talk to the police uncle."
Song Chen was so angry with Jiang Jinan that she felt that there was no way to talk to him. In that case, call the police. Jiang Jinan doesn’t want to escape. Today, she will get compensation regardless or she will die.
Jiang Jinan was once again laughed at with anger. Now thieves like to say that looking for the police is really about to find the police, and they will try their best to escape. Will he believe this deceptive means? Did this woman escape long before the police came?
When Jiang Jinan was about to say something, his words rang. Before Jiang Jinan answered, he knew that something was wrong. He just ignored the business of arguing with this woman.
"Well, I know my horse is coming." Jiang Jinan’s face became very serious and he gave off a cold breath.
Song Chen doesn’t know who Jiang Jinan is talking to, but she is still quite scared like this, but no matter how afraid she is, she won’t hinder her decision to return compensation. Now it’s not just a compensation issue, but it’s a big deal for her job.