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Chapter 30 Partner working overtime
At the beginning of Hua Deng, the office of Haotian Planning Department was lit with lights. Zhang Tingshou’s acquisition team was busy. Wei Xi sat in the office with his temples closed and his eyes closed. The coffee was already cold. He got up and came out. Let’s cheer.
"Wei Zong" Zhang Ting greeted Wei Xi before he came out.
Wei Xi nodded and said "hard work" to everyone.
"It shouldn’t be hard." Everyone said that since the news that Wei Xi was a "great grandfather", everyone worshipped Wei Xi in part because of his identity, and now it is hard to see such a low-key gentleman in this society, and starting from a low level, there are many female employees in the company who have the ability and courage to do everything themselves. Now even the first few have turned around.
"Let’s have a rest. I bought a snack." Meixi came in, and then the driver carried two bags of food.
"Thank you, Miss." When everyone heard that there was something to eat, they stopped working and came to get it.
"hee, this is for you to go in and eat." Meixi took out a separate bag from the inside and put it in Wei Xi’s hand.
Two people walked into Wei Xi’s office together.
"You see how well Miss and Manager Wei match."
"It’s not that both of them are successors to the top 100 enterprises. It’s simply that the modern king and princess are not only rich in gold, but also have such high personal values."
"I thought manager Wei was very handsome and stylish before, but I didn’t expect it to be our great grandfather Science Heaven. I’m afraid there are girls from such a family who can deserve it."
"If they get married, I think it must be the wedding of the century."
"Yes, Miss, people are beautiful and tasty. You see, even the snack quality is so high. You can see that this piece of macaroon in my hand is so small that it will cost more than 1. If I kill myself, I won’t be willing to eat it."
"Miss En is really generous and considerate, and it is worthwhile to work hard for such a boss."
"They are both so kind to us that we must work hard." Zhang Ting just won the hearts of the people.
"yes, definitely"
"Hee, try this." Meixi put a piece of sushi in Wei Xi’s plate.
"Rice paddies" Wei Xi looked at the sushi on the plate and asked.
"Well" Meixi cocked his head and looked at him.
"Why don’t you just eat something after running so far?" Wei Xi put sushi in his mouth.
喝茶约茶"Didn’t you say that you haven’t eaten for a long time? I just stopped by today and bought it for you. Is it delicious?"
"Well, thank you."
"What are you thankful for? You’ve been busy for so many days. I can’t help anything. There are also these." Meixi was a little embarrassed to say.
"Why didn’t you help? Didn’t you give us a lot of advice?" Wei Xi comforted her.
"I’m just talking on paper. There’s no data to support it. It’s you who can really play a role." Meixi looked at the employees outside
"Your employees are really nice. They are all very capable and capable. You are a really rare talent in Zhang Ting."
"Yes, thanks to her good family for so many years, it’s a valuable asset that can make you get twice the result with half the effort."
_ ____w_ w_ w___ __ _o_m
"No matter how good it is, it depends on having a good company leader."
"Don’t wear a top hat for me." Wei Xi waved.
"How’s the acquisition plan going?" Meixi brought Wei Xi another sushi.
"Almost, but I still feel that there is something missing, that is, there is no condition that can impress the other party. It seems that there are still some holes in our current list of conditions that are not very convincing."
"What should I do?" Meixi looked at Wei Xifa’s sorrow and frowned.
"Yes," Wei Xi said excitedly with chopsticks.
"What" Meixi asked anxiously.
"Thanks to your waking me up just now, our acquisition must have more advantages than disadvantages for Jianda executives, but for their employees, they may face unemployment and lose their jobs. We can take them into the staff department, which is a new boss for them. He has not changed."
"But can we digest them with so many employees?" Meixi asked with some worries.
"At present, we can’t digest it. We may give a lot of people wages for nothing, but I think it is still profitable in the long run. Although there is no shortage of people in the society, college students are just young. They have no experience and connections. It is better to cultivate these people slowly. We should not only keep them, but also keep their connections. This is more valuable than wealth." Wei Xi said that Mei Xi also changed from questioning to worshiping and looking at him.
"Besides, it is a merit to keep so many people’s jobs, that is, to keep many families." Wei Xixiao said.
"You’re still trying to help them, but you’ve said so much. I’m afraid others will see your sincerity." Meixi looked at Wei Xi with appreciation.
"This is an idea of mine, and I have to let Zhang Ting and them do a data analysis."
"Well, I have an idea, too," said Meixi mysteriously.
"What idea"
"You come with me" Meixi pulled Wei Xi out of the office.
Everyone finished their midnight snack and went on working. They didn’t pay attention to Wei Xi and they came out.
Meixi clapped her hands when she saw that everyone was busy.
"Let’s stop what we’re doing. Let me tell you something. Just now I discussed it with General Manager Wei. Considering that it’s hard for everyone to work overtime these days, let’s work early tonight."
"Is this true?"
Everyone was too excited to believe it.