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Aside WenLu smiled more happily and asked Li Yuyan stingy, "I’ll get you something to drink, Sister Li."

I am silent.
Section 7
After Ye Xiangyuan drove Ning Qi away, he didn’t feel depressed about Wen Lu’s business. After a while, he slowly recovered to a higher level.
I found out that Li’s family was behind me.
In fact, I also know that Li Yuyan will definitely come today.
It was a test just now, and I knew what her personality was.
Seeing that I don’t do it, she is also easy. "I forced Xiaoyan to climb my uncle’s bed." She slowly spit out a sentence, "Who told her to dare to covet me?"
I’m a little horrified.
Isn’t she afraid of her aunt’s anger?
Li Yuyan seems to know what I mean and smiles lightly. "My aunt doesn’t know about it yet. Even if she is exposed, she doesn’t know if I will hate Xiaoyan more."
I secretly sigh that it is really a calculation to play Xiaoyan in my hand.
She stared at me straight. "You also remember to stay away from him or don’t blame me for being rude to you."
桑拿论坛I felt my wet hair and smelled of coffee. She was welcome. I realized it.
She hooked a smile on her lips. "I know very well that Ayuan found you to stimulate me. I don’t blame you."
I frowned.
She said slowly, "But you must leave him."
I stared at her and smiled "My horse is going abroad"
She nodded "very well"
I smiled gently. "But Ye Xiangyuan doesn’t seem to want to let me go."
As soon as her expression became ferocious, she leaned slightly and squeezed me. "Say it again if you have guts."
I was forced to look up at her.
Her face was dark and painted with big red nail polish, and her fingertips lit my head. "Be careful that you bloom here."
I slowly cock my mouth and don’t break away from her at the beginning.
She slapped me in the face. "Bitch, if I want you to disappear, there is a way. Wait for me!"
I touched the side of my face that was hurt and ignored her. She went straight up and turned and walked out.
She followed up and blocked me with an arrow, saying nothing, but her eyes were freezing cold.
Wen Lu quickly followed and shouted, "Sister Li is talking to you at Ding Shi!"
I stopped to look at Wen Lu with an expression on my face and then at Li Yuyan. "Then I’ll wait for you to push."
Li Yuyan looked unpredictable and stared at me darkly.
Wen Lu quipped, "You really hate arrogance and malice as before."
I didn’t.
Wen Lu advised Li Yuyan, "Sister Li, don’t argue with her. It was because of her bad temper that Ning Qi abandoned her. I don’t believe that any man can stand her more. How can a character like Ye Er see her?"
That’s what she said before Xiaoyan. I didn’t expect her to do this before Li Yu’s smoke.
I find it funny.
Li Yu smoke seems to be in a better mood, squinting and scanning me around. "You are far from being reluctant to part with you?" Don’t forget that he approached you because you look like me. Don’t take yourself too seriously! "
I silently looked at her for a moment, bypassed her and walked on.
She quickly stopped me and sneered, "He calculated you from the beginning. He deliberately told you in front of everyone to help you out, but in fact he asked you to talk to him!"
Chapter 4 I wish him all the best.
I frowned and waited for her to say.
Li Yuyan held his chest in his hands. "Otherwise, how could he be able to watch the video and be seen by Xiao Yan? Later, Xiao Yan asked you to trouble him to help you, so you thanked him for being tempted by him, and people in his circle knew that he had become an ordinary woman without even giving Xiao face."
My eyes on her
She looked at me with a smile on her face. "You see, this is his plan to let you fall into the trap he set step by step, and he has done so much to show my family how much he values me. Even looking for body double looks like me. Otherwise, my family wouldn’t agree to let me go with him."
I droop my eyelids
At one time, I did doubt that later, Ye Xiangyuan explained that Xiaoyan was a person in the entertainment circle and could get the information quickly, but I think he would be willing to stop it in thousands of ways.
It turns out that he has everything under control.
It turns out that he has chosen me since then.
My mood was obscure and complicated at the moment.
It’s all because I look similar to Li Yuyan that Ye Xiangyuan came to me.
I took a deep breath and didn’t intend to show weakness in front of Li Yu-yan, but I am the one who married him now.
Li Yu smoke instantly turned hostile and stared at me "shameless! I warn you, don’t be wishful thinking. I will never allow you near him! You can’t take him away! "
I smiled. "Then let’s see who laughs last on our own merits."
Li Yu smoke flustered and quickly raised his hand to fan my face again.
I was caught by the wrist before I left it.
Her calm face seems to be angry, waiting to see who is face a change "Ah Yuan …"
Ye Xiangyuan ignored her, held me in her arms and asked me, "Is there anything wrong?"