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I laughed too, and the whole person was relaxed.

During this period, except for Gu Changyu, this lawsuit worried me. I couldn’t sleep for many nights, and I was worried about my future after the success of Chu’s ship.
And all these problems were solved after the victory of the lawsuit.
The big stone in my chest was finally removed, and I even walked a lot faster.
Ye Xiangyuan took me out.
When I walked to the door, Lu Xun said, "Little Fish just told me that I won’t celebrate with you because I have something to find me."
Listening to him, Gu Changyu, I dare not go out.
Ye Xiangyuan nodded and said, "Let’s fix the day for the celebration dinner and we’ll get together again."
There is no fluctuation in his tone.
However, what he is good at is that he can’t show his emotions, and his thoughts will certainly not be revealed.
Gu Changning gave me a meaningful look and followed.
I secretly frowned and said nothing.
After Ye Xiangyuan told the girls, they all broke up and made an appointment to meet again.
When we were going to the open-air parking lot, we saw many reporters at the gate.
Ye Xiangyuan turned to ask Ye Wen, "What’s the matter?"
Ye Wen explained, "It was the Li family who asked for people. It was estimated that they wanted to see Chu jokes. I had received the news before, but I didn’t drive them away …"
He didn’t finish, but we all understood what he meant.
He must have deliberately let these reporters stay because he knew very well that Chu would win.
Anyway, it’s Xin Longhe who makes a fool of himself.
Ye Xiangyuan nods "You deal with it"
Then he took me back to the garage.
He didn’t tell Ye Wen what to do, and Ye Wen didn’t seem to need his instructions.
I can vaguely guess that Ye Wen must be trying to benefit public opinion to save Chu’s reputation or to give Li jiaqi an army.
Anyway, Ye Xiangyuan will always maximize his interests. He can’t leave this opportunity alone.
By the time we got to the underground garage, there was already a car waiting there.
But to my surprise, Li Qi also made a special trip to wait for us.
Chapter 265 Bureau two years ago
See our Li jiaqi twist out the cigarette in his hand came quickly.
He stared at Ye Xiangyuan for a while and said, "So you are mystifying. No wonder you didn’t care about the fuel."
Ye Xiangyuan smiled slightly. "Minister Li’s means are also very powerful. After half a year of careful arrangement, Chu almost went bankrupt. If I don’t have much effort, where can I chat with Minister Li here?"
Li jiaqi eyes malicious and complete sneer at a way: "Don’t be proud too early before the outcome is determined."
I know he is angry. It is difficult for people like Ye Xiangyuan to grasp his mind.
Even though I was his wife, I was his pillow for a year, but I never really understood him.
It turns out that the key to my victory in this lawsuit must have something to do with his trip to the Pacific with Lu Xun.
But so much evidence has nothing to do with arms dealers and fuel.
But enough to crush Xinlonghe.
桑拿It can be said that he was ready from the beginning.
Don’t be his enemy, otherwise it’s not clear how to be calculated.
Isn’t Li jiaqi’s position high and heavy also put together?
Ye Xiangyuan’s face is still smiling. "I never want to tell Minister Li what the outcome is."
Maybe it’s my illusion. I always think he has implications-
Regardless of the outcome, live and die.
Li jiaqi don’t know whether I understand his meaning and his face becomes extremely ugly.
But he didn’t send his self-sustaining identity
He stared at Ye Xiangyuan again for a moment and suddenly swept me with a cold smile. "You’d better not fail or your woman and your child will be buried with you after your failure."
This is not just a warning, it is almost a threat.
I’m a little unhappy.
It’s okay to threaten me by innuendo, but I’m a little unhappy and really afraid that my child was missed like this before he was born.