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Li Mulin Guorangou

So in the end, Ye Xiangyuan is worse.
Li Mulin revealed the layout of the castle and Ye Xiangyuan’s manpower and materials to Han Qingshan.
Ye Xiangyuan listened and asked, "When will Han Qingshan come?"
Pan Dongdao "He and Li Mulin must be late"
Smell speech I pinched Ye Xiangyuan arm consciousness.
I didn’t expect Han Qingshan to come at once.
I wonder if Ye Xiangyuan is ready …
Ye Xiangyuan patted the back of my hand to appease me.
He turned to Pandong lightly and said, "Then wait."
Pandong hesitated, his eyes fell on me, as if to say something, but he finally hesitated.
I feel strange and want to ask him.
Ye Xiangyuan wrote "Go out first" earlier than me.
He said to Pan Dong that Pan Dong should be retired.
I turned to look at him
He was quiet for a moment, stretched out his hand and held me in his arms and whispered, "You take Xiaojin, the baby and your parents. I’ll let Panton send you out of France."
I didn’t react at the moment.
He kissed me, and his forehead became softer and softer. "There may not be danger tonight, but there must be several dangers waiting for me … I can’t be worried until I settle down with you."
I kept tugging at his sleeve, his nose was inexplicably sour, and his eyes became moist.
But I can’t say a word.
He lifted my face, stared into my eyes and kissed my eyebrows "be good"
I shook my head and then shook my head.
No, I don’t want to listen
One moment we were walking leisurely in the backyard with our fingers clasped.
Why is he sending me away in the blink of an eye?
I just walked for so long that I broke out in a sweat and didn’t even take a shower. How could he let me go …
My tears blurred and I grabbed his sleeve and sobbed, "I’m not leaving."
Ye Xiangyuan kissed me again and wiped the tears from my face at the corner of my eye. "Be good, I promise I will meet you when this is over."
I looked up at him.
He pinched his mouth tightly and his eyebrows were a little bleaker than usual.
But when he touched my eyes, his eyes softened again.
I rubbed my fingers hard, wiped away my tears and looked at him seriously. "I feel safe only when I am with you."
Ye Xiangyuan eyes deep and remote looks into me and says nothing.
I said calmly, "And if our road is hijacked, it will cause you more pressure, so you’d better not send us away."
He hugged me tighter but still didn’t do it.
I held his waist lightly and said, "I hope to share weal and woe with you … I don’t want to be separated from you. I want you to face it with you …"
He looked at me deeply for a long time, smiled and touched my face. "In that case, our family will be together."
I was very happy to see that he finally promised me a quiet relief, and even my nervousness eased a little.
At ten o’clock in the evening, there was a gun around the castle.
The third night noon
Section 31
Chapter 34 I can take people away, right?
At this time, my parents are sitting on the sofa with Xiaojin in their arms and I am sitting opposite them with the baby in my arms.
We are all ready.
Ye Xiangyuan has been with us in the living room and has not left.
Guns are flickering outside. Pan Dong and Yuan Xi have long since disappeared. Yang Fei is guarding the castle with bodyguards.
It is false to say that this atmosphere is not tense.
Even Xiao Jin was more silent than before, but he was very clever and played with the baby for a while until the baby fell asleep.
桑拿网I hugged Xiao Jin and asked him if he was sleepy.
He shook his head and sat obediently beside me.
Ye Xiangyuan gently looked at us and touched my face. "You and your parents go back to your room and rest. It’s okay."
I thought it was very late, and it was really not good for my parents and Xiao Jin to be scared, so I nodded and said, "If you have something to do, go to work. I’m here."
Ye Xiangyuan smiled at me and nodded.
I went upstairs with my parents, so I entrusted Xiaojin to my parents because I didn’t trust him to sleep alone.
Xiaojin is so sensible that he seems to have guessed what will happen tonight and obediently listened to my arrangement without even asking a curious question.
This character is like Ye Xiangyuan.
Calm, self-possessed and fearless in times of crisis
Ye Xiangyuan was still in the living room when I was holding the baby building.
Guns are still ringing outside.
I turned my head and looked at the French window. At this time, I pulled the curtain and couldn’t see the scene outside the window.
Ye Xiangyuan waved at me.
I sat beside him.
He took me into his arms and kissed my face "Don’t be afraid"
I nodded and hesitated. "Are we just waiting for him to come without doing anything?"
He, uh, Ichi
I don’t know what he mean.
Is he trying to lure Han Qingshan in and kill Han Qingshan directly?