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"I didn’t intend to let him go directly," Jun said crazily. "We just have to do something about it." After a pause, he added, "When we are closed, the three of us are in the same abode of fairies and immortals. I have applied to Dean Shi for an idle abode of fairies and immortals, and I believe it will be arranged for us soon."

Qin Xiao nodded fairly satisfactorily and took a sip of tea to swallow slowly. "Have you settled down there, sir?"
"Dean Shi has settled down and lent him Yaner, Huaner and Shuang’er to help him tidy up the courtyard." Jun said crazily, "I’m afraid you won’t feel so uncomfortable if you don’t see the three of them."
"That’s not necessarily." Qin Xiao snorted and looked at the teacups. "Besides, there will be flying snow and frost later. I’m afraid we will arrange them directly in our yard this time."
Reading in sections 157
"It’s hard to say that flying snow is very interesting to me. Most of the two sisters live closer to them." Are you crazy or not?
"Are you sure?" Qin Xiao raised his eyebrows and looked at Jun crazy. "I don’t think her heart is dying."
You are crazy and don’t understand what Qin Xiao means, but you are worried about the other party’s obsession, so you can change the topic. "To tell the truth, I think it is impossible to reach the sacred land in a short time."
"I think so too."
"In that case, I still have an idea." You are crazy and close to Qin Xiao with a smile. "You know, your master Lian Di is recognized as the first genius of the six realms. Even if I leave a ban, I can easily break it."
Your crazy meaning is white, but I hope Qin Xiao can unite Lian Di and let her help break the ban on the back hill, otherwise he will really confess to Dean Shi and let Dean Shi postpone the opening of the back hill.
However, doing so is bound to cause some people’s dissatisfaction, and if it is difficult to dig deeper, it will cause trouble for Dean Shi.
桑拿按摩  title=The purpose of your madness is that I won’t cause you any trouble and you won’t mess with me.
It happened that he was too confident and didn’t expect his realm to degenerate. This was a big trouble for Dean Shi.
If you get into trouble yourself, of course, you have to finish it yourself. Jun Kuang is clear about this problem, and it’s also a white realm. It’s not that you can recover if you recover, so you have to ask Lian Di for help.
However, it seems that this self-awareness came a little late.
Qin Xiao gouged him out and was too lazy to talk nonsense with him. He directly contacted Lian Di to inform him of the situation in the back hill.
"It’s really a bit difficult." Lian Di was distressed by the sound. "You know, it’s a ban on the strong cloth that can’t be broken if it’s significant."
"Please also help me, martial aunt. You are the most beautiful, not only beautiful, but also the new factory is very good. How can you do such a thing in from ruin?" You crazy can’t help but cry, but he can’t hear his flattery without Xuanlilian Emperor.
Good Qin Xiao to face his opinion in the past.
"Then let me study it well," said Lian Di. "I can’t guarantee to break the ban, but it’s not difficult for me to ban two or three people from opening a small door."
"Thank you, Master, so I won’t bother Master and Second Master." Qin Xiao ended the sound.
You crazy wait for a while looked at Qin Xiao "you said they just love".
"Yes," Qin Xiao looked at Jun crazily. "Don’t you hear it?"
Chapter three hundred and fifty Heaven and Six Realms Avenue
Hearing this, your crazy heart wants to do something bad.
He seems to have disturbed people’s conjugal love more than once, and Lian Di communicated with Qin Xiao so patiently because she loved this disciple very much, and he had no crazy face at all.
"I said this happened every time, can you just say it?" He took a look at Qin Xiao with regret.
"It’s not a big deal. Anyway, it’s already bothering you. Should you just finish everything?" Qin Xiao picked his eyebrows and put his hands on the mat and looked at Jun crazy on the desktop.
You gave her a crazy look and didn’t say much.
"You can hardly serve this matter. Are you still not satisfied?" Qin Xiao gently hummed.
It’s getting late, and a group of guys haven’t come back yet. You’re crazy and worried, but Qin Xiao is very calm, and he can’t just get up and walk around the house and endure it.
After all, it’s a large group of people coming together in the mountain. It shouldn’t be that long. Seeing a group of people go out of Qian Shan College, we just tied them up at the foot of the mountain.
Besides, are his younger brothers so easy to tie?
Thinking like this, he felt as if he had found some comfort.
After waiting for a while, even Qin Xiao began to worry and looked out of the window from time to time.
"Why are you worried about them?" You gave her a crazy look.
"It’s not that I’m worried that they’ll forget to buy me food when they play." Qin Xiao sat at the table with her cheeks in her hand. "It suddenly occurred to me that my second master had a cave that said she would give me an unusually abundant aura in the future, and there were many places to play and good rooms to live in. Should I ask for it to be closed this time?"
Jun crazy smell speech suddenly remembered what "I really asked the dean to arrange what abode of fairies and immortals for me". What idle abode of fairies and immortals can be more wonderful than Truman’s carrying?
With ultra-high flow rate, it takes less than half an hour to practice inside and outside all day, and there is plenty of aura in the room, as well as the elixir nourishing spring. Don’t worry about the lack of aura when you are promoted.
With such unique conditions, it’s hard to lay a solid foundation.
According to your madness, he has to be drenched with dog’s blood before he can put it in when he goes to Chuge City. Unless Qin Xiao opens his mouth, it will be impossible.
"You say that, I have a little plan." Jun Kuang’s eyes turned to Qin Xiao and said, "If I can lend you the second master’s abode of fairies and immortals, I think your little brother will soon make great progress, and there will be a lot of enlightenment in your school."
"You made that idea yourself, didn’t you?" Qin Xiao sneered at him rather disdainfully. "It’s not difficult for me to speak. It’s a special situation that helped you this time. I’m afraid you’ll have to go to the master and the second master to discuss it yourself."
"Thank you so much." Your crazy mouth twitched uncontrollably, and even your temples began to jump.
What he said about "paying homage to human feelings for many years" was that he dragged her through a long period of hard work instead of hard work. Where is the word "paying tribute" that can be easily overshadowed?
Even so, you crazy still didn’t refute.
Because words come from his little mouth, and when they come out from his little mouth, words must be, must be, yes, right,
Thinking of you like this, you are still not assured to say, "If you master you, you must ask her to find a way to help me ban the back hill, even if she doesn’t look at me again, I will recognize it."
"That’s natural," Qin Xiao nodded slightly. "But how did you ban Master from being taller than you? She couldn’t easily break it."
"Do you remember when I was blessed by heaven?"
"Remember" Qin Xiao or nodded.
"Then you should also bless the strength during the day and set up a ban on my own physical realm, which is not so easy to deal with." Jun said crazily, "Your master is a partner of the spiritual world and heaven. Fortunately, Qian Shan College is blessed by the spiritual world and heaven, and if you are blessed by your master, you can always do something with your second master realm."
Smell speech Qin Xiao leng stared at you crazy for a long time, dark and liquid eyes blinked and blinked or not white.