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Does he really have nothing to do with Chen Shu?

But my gut tells me he’s lying.
If so, this person is really terrible. All emotions are buried by him. Calm expression.
About I didn’t speak. Han Qingshan gently coughed and stressed, "I really don’t know who is behind Chen Shu. You can rest assured."
I nodded absently "Oh"
Han Qingshan looked at me for a moment and said, "I do know a lot of things … that arms dealer was killed by Ye Ershao and I know very well … You don’t doubt me, I have my own channels."
It seems that he has a lot of channels and eyes.
Why should he note these?
Ordinary businessmen probably don’t care about these smugglers or state secrets
I took the cup and took a sip of "You are very good"
Han Qingshan smiled and laughed. "It’s less than Ye Er … thousands of tons of fuel have been recovered by him. This time, he has made great contributions and must go up again."
He knows the cause and effect of Ye’s going far away, which makes me doubt him more and more.
If I go back, I have to wake up. Whether it’s rape or Han Qingshan’s finding out something, it’s worth noting.
But I can’t help showing a trace of pride in my eyes when I think of Ye Xiangyuan.
I can’t help smiling when I recall Ye Xiangyuan’s vicious fighting with Yuan Xi and his figure.
Han Qingshan suddenly leaned forward and took my hand.
I was shocked. I drew back and said, "Let go!"
Han Qingshan has a tighter grip.
My fingers were almost red by him, and he didn’t let me go.
He frowned tightly and said, "Do you miss Ye Ershao?"
I didn’t answer him
In fact, I am not used to such contact with strange men, even holding hands makes me annoyed.
I looked him straight in the eye and said, "Please let go or I’ll call security."
Instead of letting go, he looked me straight in the eye and said, "It’s time to leave Ye Xiangyuan."
As soon as my face changed, I could hardly control my reason and wanted to slap him directly.
He didn’t seem to see my face and continued, "He can’t really love you without him. Don’t lose yourself."
This time his expression is very serious.
I froze slightly and then said coldly, "Even if he doesn’t love me, he doesn’t have anything with you."
I don’t know why, but I have the illusion that he has poked me to the spot.
Yes, how can Ye Xiangyuan really love me?
He loves Gu Changyu …
My heart ached at the thought of this.
But before Han Qingshan, of course, I can’t reveal all these emotions.
I fought back my heart and pulled my hand back hard.
Han Qingshan sighed softly and finally let me go.
I was relieved and moved my wrist.
My whole wrist and fingertips are red because of the force just now.
I was about to open my mouth to see Fujian, but I thought for a second that Han Qingshan suddenly got up and pulled me into her arms.
I was dragged up and lost my mind.
Han Qingshan held my voice softly in vain. "There must be danger around you … but if you don’t want to leave and insist on staying with him, there is no … I can always take you away whenever you need it."
His affectionate words almost gave me an illusion that he had such a sincere heart for me.
But I soon came to my senses.
He is not much better than Ye Xiangyuan.
How can a person with a deep mind like them easily hand over their feelings or hand them over to a woman who is not so good as me?
I said lightly, "Thank you for your kindness. Now please let me go."
Han Qingshan sighed again and let go.
He stared at me with deep eyes and said, "You don’t like me, and I don’t want to tell you that I promised that I would always come to me if I wanted you."
I looked at his complicated mood.
His words really stirred up a certain wave in my heart.
I’m not moved by him, but … I think even if he’s acting, it’s fake enough.
Section 24
桑拿论坛I almost believed him.
I’m more and more curious about what he really wants.
His style is confusing, but he has always released goodwill to me. I look forward to the day when the truth is revealed, and let me see what he is up to. What is worth his heart?
Maybe it’s because I don’t talk. Han Qingshan took a deep look at me and left.
I sat back in the sofa and froze for a long time.
Finally, shaking his head gently will be influenced by Han Qingshan. Whether he is acting or he says that Ye Xiangyuan doesn’t love me, it’s just disturbing my mood. I can’t be it.
I looked up at the window and it was the beginning of the lights. I suddenly couldn’t wait to go back to the military compound.
Because there is warmth that I crave.
On my way home, I pondered that I would like to talk to Ye Xiangyuan about Han Qingshan’s visit.
Mainly that. Ask Gu Changning what’s going on.