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Seeing Lu Wenbin give the ball to himself and throw it away from the opponent’s defender to accelerate the forward insertion, Lei Wu got the message and hit the wall with one foot to throw the ball to Lu Wenbin’s running front.

Then Lei Wu ran his own ball straight into the opponent’s forbidden area to pull and coordinate.
After more than half an hour’s dull game, the Swiss players were a little paralyzed. After winning the first round, China might just want to keep a draw.
The Swiss players are a little sloppy without the new order from the coach.
Lu Wenbin suddenly stepped forward and cooperated with his Lei Wu to hit the wall. When Lu Wenbin regained the ball from Wu Lei, there was only one central defender in front of him.
Although Shaer tried his best to slow down Lu Wenbin’s progress and win back his teammates, Lu Wenbin didn’t give him the chance.
Lu Wenbin suddenly stabbed the ball in the running and went through Shaer’s crotch. Lu Wenbin went around from the side again.
Shaer was humiliated by Lu Wenbin and passed through the crotch and formed a single knife.
Shaer turned from embarrassment and grabbed Lu Wenbin’s clothes, thinking about spelling a foul and pulling Lu Wenbin down.
As a result, Lu Wenbin was so strong that he was dragged to the ground without even pulling.
Lu Wenbin broke through Shaer’s defense and really formed a single knife.
品茶论坛Although some players have chased him back, Lu Wenbin’s speed has made them always run to the front and get stuck, even unable to grab the ball from the side.
Lu Wenbin took the ball to the front of the forbidden area with the opponent’s defensive player pulling and fighting. After seeing that the goalkeeper Benaglio had attacked, he made a decisive shot.
Benaglio tried his best to defend, jump and save, but still failed to touch the ball and fell into the goal with it.
Lu Wenbin, China scored the opening goal, and China led the Swiss team 1.
Chapter 59 Two consecutive victories before qualifying
Lu Wenbin’s goal caused cheers from China fans and Chinese overseas Chinese in the stands, and his audience was a little refreshed.
It’s glad you came to see Lu Wenbin wear a crotch and shoot a goal. Finally, I didn’t see the two teams shake hands.
After celebrating for a while, the game resumed.
After China scored and the game balance was broken, the Swiss team was in a desperate situation and had to attack.
However, at this time, there is not much time left until the end of the half-court.
In the 42 nd minute, the Swiss team once slipped out of the door and shot hard. Unfortunately, it deviated slightly from the post and flew directly out of the baseline.
In a few minutes, the attack was a little threatening, and then it was over at half time.
One minute after stoppage time, the referee blew the half-time whistle.
After a 15-minute break, the two sides exchanged sides and the Swiss team continued to attack.
Including Lu Wenbin, most of the China team participated in the defense in the backcourt, and Lei Wu alone stayed in front to harass the Swiss team’s defense.
Lu Wenbin’s defensive ability has helped China’s defense too much.
Although the position selection ability is not very good, the frontal interception and defense ability alone is enough to make Lu Wenbin a front wall of China’s defense line.
It’s hard for the Swiss team to get by when they meet Lu Wenbin. If they want to bypass Lu Wenbin, it will take a long time and effort to give him the defense of China players.
Garta’s over-age players and members of the national team firmly defended China’s goal, which was never broken by the Swiss team.
If it weren’t for Lu Wenbin’s defense, it’s still unknown whether Wu Xi and Zhang Linpeng can defend the Swiss attack and keep the goal even though they are the main players of the national team.
After all, Switzerland is a European team, which is different from those Asian countries’ Olympic teams.
With Lu Wenbin participating in the defense, the Swiss team had not broken China’s goal until the sixth minute of the game.
The China team, especially Lu Wenbin, has been looking for a second counterattack opportunity.
The advantage of one goal is very unsafe. Lu Wenbin will never give up if he has the chance to score the second goal.
So in the 6th minute, Lu Wenbin began his long-distance performance when a beautiful front tackle from Zhang Linpeng shoveled the Swiss front belt ball to Lu Wenbin’s foot.
The first player to defend Switzerland was scored by Lu Wenbin alone, and easily broke through. The second player was spun off by Lu Wenbin in Marseille, and the third player was beaten by Lu Wenbin directly.
With his superhuman speed and dribbling skills, Lu Wenbin went all the way from China’s half-court killing to the Swiss team’s frontier in the forbidden area.
In the end, Lu Wenbin not only passed three Swiss defenders in a row, but also swung the goalkeeper Benaglio to the ground in a Ronaldo pendulum.
After that, it was very simple. Lu Wenbin passed Benaglio and easily pushed the ball into the door.
Mogarra, the defender who desperately ran back to save the ball, finally rolled into the goal with the ball and failed to complete the goal line rescue feat.
Lu Wenbin scored twice to help China’s Olympic team lead the Swiss team 2.