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Different ages, different genders, occupations and experiences are venting their joy at the moment.

"Good shot!"
It seems that a midnight roar is not enough to vent their excitement. Those who sleep in a daze usually wake up and may swear, but the people watching the game need to say something to them!
People who are woken up can’t help jumping out of bed and even don’t bother to turn on their brains and watch the live broadcast directly from their friends.
Blame friends for waking themselves up?
Go away. It’s important to watch the game!
桑拿按摩This is the influence of League of Legends and the influence of this game.
A lot of people expect China to be able to reverse the defeat, but no one ever expected it to unfold like this.
"This is a wonderful counterattack!"
Everyone’s positioning is surprisingly consistent.
There’s no lol player who hasn’t fantasized about saving the world by himself in the later stage, but the land show seems to be not enough compared with their saving the world this time.
I can meet many years later, and if there is League of Legends, there will be people who will play this game.
Pan Sen rode alone for thousands of miles, like a god of war descending from the sky, flying into each other’s home alone and tearing down three crystal towers and two front teeth towers.
Such a feat before the ancients and later!
What’s more, it’s a final
Like a lone hero, one man destroyed the South Korean team to win the third game and put the match point back again.
"See, everyone on the other side began to measure the blow by Dili, which really devastated their hearts!"
Gnome male-"I went to buy wine to buy back to watch a game! !”
Lu Zhan’s three roommates in Lu Zhan’s dormitory of Jinling University have not left their heads for three hours.
"It’s this momentum. If you win two more games, you’ll be the world champion!"
Wang Zhuo excitedly took out his mobile phone and sent a text message to Lu Zhan, knowing that Lu Zhan would not see it now, but he could not restrain his emotions.
In fact, there are more than three people in this room, and there are more than a dozen people behind Wang Zhuo. Some are competitive clubs and some like RG fans. Now everyone is gathered to watch the performance of the land show.
In order to see Lu Zhan win the championship
"Come on!"
If there is an Internet cafe in the 960,000-square-kilometer map, there will be a League of Legends. If there are people watching the game, there will be such a sound. Come on, China team! Come on!
There is also a lot of noise in this cheering. Many pro-Korean people think it is so difficult to win one game. Isn’t it more difficult to win again?
But this sound was drowned out as soon as it appeared. Now they prefer to believe that Lu Zhan believes that they can’t stand alone.
From this night on, Lu Zhan will become their god of war.
In the middle of the night, the ratings of this game suddenly went up, and the official live broadcast alone gathered millions of viewers.
You know, it’s early morning, not golden time.
In this way, the fourth inning began!
"Sanfatan SK1 didn’t choose to succeed in a tactical game. It seems that the South Korean team won the second match point and did not dare to neglect it!" Liker opened the fourth game to explain.
"Yes, the game played by the China team was really thrilling. I really hope that this game can be kept so that those Koreans can sit still in vain and may lose!" During the early break of abortion, she wiped her tears and made up her makeup.
Two people said a word, but there are still some concerns in my heart.
In the fourth game, China returned to the team, and ban was selected first, but China released three fathoms. Before that, ban played three games, and the two teams of Ritz had not happened yet.
It’s not surprising that China chose a hero before choosing Hammer Stone, but when China took out Riven behind them, they were a little worried.
Xiao Shengqiang and Riven are really strong, but they can play in the early stage. This is the disadvantage of this hero. Taking Riven out is not as safe as Dao Mei.
Finally, the South Korean team formed three fathoms, and it was China’s turn to select candidates.
As a result, the China team has always been occupied by Danlai, and Lu Zhan has sacrificed another hero himself.