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Section 467

Gao Xiaoxiao didn’t feel anything, but someone was full of unhappiness and his face was getting darker and darker.
Finally, you Xiaoqiao said something about seeing the gender through a round belly and a pointed belly. He directly interrupted the two of them. "Come on, come on, stay where you are, and don’t bother us shopping, okay?"
Han Yan raised his eyebrows and looked at him leisurely. "We also want to buy things."
Yu Yuting doesn’t believe that families like them need to be so grounded!
"Buy my son a tablet brain." After that, Han Shu suddenly reached out and took out his mobile phone from his pocket. "By the way, Xiao Qiao, let me pull you into the group."
"What group?" You Xiaoqiao smiles.
Han Shan, the "monitoring group", glanced at Yu Yuting with a bad eye.
"Lying in the trough!" As soon as Yu Yuting came over and stretched out his hand, he wanted to hold Han Shao’s neck. "Ah Shao, stop it!"
Han Wei moved to avoid "don’t touch in public, okay?"
Yu Yuting "…"
You Xiaoqiao felt that his cell phone rang in his bag for a while, and then Han Shan smiled and said, "ok, this is convenient. I will announce the good news directly in the group when I find out the gender on Tuesday."
Say that finish a family of three natural and unrestrained leave.
You Xiaoqiao waved and just took out his mobile phone from his bag when Yu Yuting took it away. "Boss, what are you doing?"
"…" Yu Yuting didn’t talk until he found that You Xiaoqiao’s WeChat interface indicated that "Han Shu invited you to join the discussion group of ambush", and then his face froze …
forget it
He handed her the phone back and said, "This group is full of my good friends, most of whom you have met."
"…" You Xiaoqiao looked at his heart as if he were suddenly injected with a warm current, and his words trembled. "Then how should I … how should I behave? Do you want to send a red envelope when you go in? "
Yu Yuting "…"
It may be that he didn’t understand you Xiaoqiao and quickly explained, "Now you have to send a red envelope to a new group. The new couple will send a red envelope for three times. This is the guild regulations."
After that, she immediately pulled a long face. "Three dollars hurts."
Yu Yuting didn’t good the spirit turned supercilious look "don’t send any red envelopes"
Besides, those people in the group don’t care what the red envelope is, what’s worse, a three-dollar red envelope?
"Really? Don’t you send a red envelope? " You Xiaoqiao excitedly hugged his arm and rubbed his little head. "Great, I saved another 3 yuan."
Yu Yuting "…"
Hearing the phone ringing again, you Xiaoqiao immediately let go of him and looked down to see that several people inside were swiping the screen.
Yan Nansheng "There are new people! Report three measurements! Pop fruit photos! "
Feng Chen ‘an said, "No, where do new people from this group come from? Don’t they all know each other before they are brought in?"
Yan Nansheng "’Little Bridge Flowing Water’"? Wow, who is a sister? " Lu Ziheng "Little Three Girlfriends?"
Yan Nansheng "Is it really Xiao Qiao’s sister who lies in the trough?"
Feng Chen’ an "Xiao Qiao’s sister comes out and squeaks"
Yan Nansheng "Little Sister, come out and scream"
JiChengHao "little sister out quickly.
Cheng Hao, "Little Sister Qiao, come out and scream."
夜网论坛  title=Then Yu Yuting was dumbfounded, especially Xiao Qiao really made a "cheep" out.
Yan Nansheng "Xiao Qiao’s sister is still so teasing"
Feng Chen’ an "When will Xiao Qiao’s sister come out to drink together again?"
Guan Yan "You said I wanted to meet Xiao Qiao’s sister."
Yu Yuting "…"
I’ve never seen such a solid mind!
If I tell you to "cheep", you will "cheep". Why don’t you?