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Shuiyunjin nodded and suddenly remembered what turned to Miaoxiang and asked, "What’s the problem with those dowries or what’s the difference between the two dowries?"

Miao Xiang Miao Chun, when they heard the dowry, their heads trembled and fell lower. Miao Chun whispered, "Most of the dowries that Miss Hui carried into Lan Wangfu are fake."
"False" Shuiyun Park Yang exclaimed. Although I had long thought that the box contained some inferior goods or demon moths with broken cracks, I suddenly heard that it was all false, which really frightened her. It was too scary and scary to do so.
"Aren’t you afraid of being found when some fake things are carried into the Lanwangfu as dowry? Lanwangfu is a royal family. How dare they?"
"Miss, please think about it. If Miss Wang and Miss Wang’s maiden’s home are a sensation in the whole capital today, and the whole thing will be affected carefully and properly, then who will still care that the dowry will be left intact and then carried back to Hou Fu? Naturally, there is no need to prepare a dowry for you. Miss Wang is now a young lady in Lan Wangfu. If you let the people in the house know that the dowry will even be," Miao Xiang looked up and looked at Shuiyunjin’s dignified face and shrank in a low tunnel with some trepidation.
Shuiyunjin sneers at a watery eye, which is as cold as ice reflecting light. It is really planned and done from beginning to end. It is absolutely necessary that this wishful thinking will be shattered because it is still alive.
Look at that day. She really wants to see if Hou Fu’s "dirty" couple can still be so calm.
The sneer at the corner of my mouth grew thick and I laughed. "But outsiders seem to follow me in. The dowry was prepared by my parents and my second sister, isn’t it? How can I live up to their pains?"
"Miss" means "Miao Xiang loses her mind and looks at her stupefied without anger or smile.
"It’s just that everyone is in their place." Shuiyunjin smiled and firmly believed that everything belonging to Shuiyunjin would come back. "Where are those dowries now?"
"Miss Fang, who has not yet registered in the warehouse, wants to go back to the door on the third day," Miao Xiang replied.
"Three-day recalls" Shuiyunjin glanced at Miaoxiang.
Miao Xiang quickly replied, "On the third day of marriage, a woman must be accompanied by her husband to go back to her mother’s house. This is our Tianze custom of going back and forth."
Shuiyunjin nodded gently, not blaming her for knowing all these things, and no one told her "What’s so special about Huimen that day? Tell me about it in detail."
Miaoxiang nodded. Her heart was like a mirror. In Yangcheng, all the ladies had mammy to teach etiquette before they got married, but the lady didn’t let anyone teach the big lady. She could tell everything she knew.
A moment later, Shui Yang’s eyes blinked, but she didn’t say anything in her heart. She thought of Su Ningxiang. At that time, she decided to look at those dowries to mock herself. It seems that some things have to be prepared before. At this thought, her smile gradually recovered. "Do you know what’s wrong with the world?"
Miao Xiang Miao Chun didn’t come out in the words just now. Suddenly, she heard the words of Shuiyunjin and quickly withdrew her thoughts and answered, "The handmaiden also heard that Princess Lan accidentally fell down in the palace, and her abdominal pain was difficult to stop. At that time, the situation was in danger. The emperor ordered all the doctors to keep the door for three days and three nights before she was born. She also said that the world was just born and almost could not live. It was because Prince Lan kissed Jiuhuang Mountain and invited Mo Da imperial doctor to save her life. From then on, she was weak and was doomed to live short."
Shuiyunjin nodded thoughtfully, but there were many questions in her heart. Princess Tanglan was pregnant, and it was incredible that she fell down in the palace and caused dystocia. Even if ordinary women are pregnant, they will pay special attention to it. It is hard to imagine that there are a lot of pro-princesses behind her.
It’s a pity that the weak body should be beautiful and rich, and the man who grew up with a powerful medicine pot is lingering on his deathbed. How much less fun should it be? After a long time, Shuiyunjin asked, "How is the princess in the house?"
"I didn’t know that the princess’s family was originally a Soviet general’s house. Thirteen years ago, General Su died in battle in the southwest. Mrs. Su was so worried that only young children were left in the whole general’s house, and there was no one in the capital to revive Miss Su’s general’s house. It was even more unknown that the emperor was very kind at that time and gave her five-year-old princess to her children. Qi Taifei raised and sealed the monarch. She was gentle and spoiled to the monarch, but when she grew up, she was close to Zhuang Guifei and often accompanied her mother and daughter. However," Miao Xiang was somewhat embarrassed
"But what?" Shuiyun Hibiscus asked with a smile. It seems to her that Su Ningxiang is more than a spoiled word. She can probably imagine the story here.
"The handmaiden also listened to the maid around Miss Er, saying that it was Sue’s princess who wanted to be a daughter-in-law of Zhuangguifei. At that time, Miss Er was not less angry and broke things. Unfortunately, Wang Yisu’s princess had to marry into Lanwangfu. I heard that it was a terrible thing at that time, but it didn’t get out of hand because of Zhuangguifei’s support. However, after Sue’s princess entered Lanwangfu, her sex was more unpredictable than before and she lived in bed all the year round." Miaoxiang carefully looked at Shuiyunjin’s face.
She knew in her heart that Shuiyunjin didn’t know about some stories outside. She was a handmaiden and showed loyalty. Naturally, she said everything.
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Chapter 2 Have something to ask (2 more)
Shuiyunjin nodded with a smile. She saw Huangfuhang with Su Ningxiang at the moment, and she couldn’t wait to rush to stick him. No one could see it. But at that time, all the people in the field didn’t change their expressions except Princess Lan’s face. It was more like an outsider looking at an irrelevant person and thinking about their feelings.
Jia Su Ning Xiang is jealous and narrow-minded. How can she be as pure as a breeze? There is no Su Ning Xiang shadow in the eyes of the world. The so-called husband and wife are two strangers who don’t sleep in separate beds.
"Miss, it’s not easy to get along with the princess today. Maybe it’s just waiting for you to be wrong. If you want to win a seat in this house, the old prince and princess should walk around more. After returning to the house, Miss should send some novel gifts to several masters in this house. The most important thing is to ask her to keep her children’s hearts." Miao Xiang carefully observed Shuiyunjin’s face for fear of offending her.
In ancient times, women married from their husbands, especially from their husbands. If there is no grace and no means, the whole generation will stay in the backyard until they die of old age. Being maids like her is naturally the master’s scenery, and they also follow the scenery. She has to wake up.
Shuiyunjin nodded with a smile. She naturally thought of Bai Miaoxiang. She didn’t want to fight for anything in the past. Su Ningxiang’s eyes were not worth a damn. She was the monarch or the princess in this house. She didn’t feel relieved from the beginning, but she hated herself because of Huangfuheng. But now that Shuixinru is married to Wang Fu, she is not jealous anymore.
But even if she thinks clearly, she always feels a kind of comfort in this house. The cloud of hibiscus makes her heart soft as a pool of water. She thinks that even if she wants to leave later, she will remember Princess Lan.
And the old prince only cares for each other once, which makes her unforgettable.
In the end, the so-called son-in-law in Miao Xiang’s mouth is a scheming and wily person with superficial arrogance. It’s hard to get his heart, I’m afraid. When she doesn’t have time, do you want his heart and depend on it? At that time, the thought of his heart in the room was a small flame.
"You are both clever and don’t need me to explain anything specially. Look and learn more in this house in the future. It doesn’t have to pay attention to it." Shuiyunjin confessed the two.
"Miss Bai, the handmaiden, can rest assured," Miao Xiang and Miao Chun answered.
"This name should also be changed. Don’t let people say that our Hou Fu has no rules."
"handmaiden, remember," two people have different mouths.
桑拿论坛  title=Shuiyunjin nodded and ordered, "Go and ask Ruqin about some old princes and princesses who like me."
Two people nodded again.
"Accompany me to the warehouse to see those dowries, and then go to the mother princess." Shuiyun Park got up.
"That son-in-law is not guarded here." Miaoxiang is awake.
Shuiyunjin glanced at the room and frowned, thinking about him sleeping and asking her to keep it. "Let’s go, just watch it like a piano outside."
Miao Xiang Miao Chun bowed their heads and glanced at each other. No words followed Shuiyun Park towards the front yard.
The ancient people’s courtyard covers an area as large as a garden, from Yunge all the way to the front yard, winding paths lead to secluded bridges, flowing water is numerous everywhere, and it seems to be alive without polishing and carving. Generally, jade rockeries are lifelike, and looking at the heights, they are full of red bricks, green tiles, pavilions, trees and forests, so luxurious and elegant. If you walk the whole Lanwangfu back and forth for a few hours, you can’t finish it.
Dot the guards outside the warehouse, Shuiyun Hibiscus, and make a faint look. She walked towards the house and saw dozens of mahogany boxes with red satin brocade quietly in the spacious room. Yesterday, Shuiyun Hibiscus slowly approached her eyes and stared at these boxes without blinking. Suddenly she smiled, "You two open all these boxes."
Miao Xiang Miao Chun just looked at each other, opened the boxes one by one and looked at the bottles of jewelry and antique calligraphy and painting one by one.
I can’t help sighing that fake can make it so beautiful and exquisite.
It is also hard to find out so many boxes of fakes with a straight and faint smile.
"Let’s go"
The two men quickly covered the boxes again, and hurried to the door to catch up with Shuiyun Hibiscus, who had gone far.
Shuiyunjin walked slowly at noon, and the sunshine was just warm and warm, and she looked up like a gentle embrace. She couldn’t help but raise her lips. If she sent those dowries to Hengwang Palace and carried them to Huangfuheng, would he have such a good mood? She would be happy if she could make him sick.
When a cup of tea was served, three servants arrived at the entrance of Huaqing Courtyard, and the south position of Huaqing Courtyard was very right. The ancients always took a fancy to the house facing south and north, which was excellent.
"Little lady, how come the princess is taking a nap at this hour?" Get the girl to report that Mammy Rui came out to meet her in person.
"If you have nothing to do, you’d like to come to your mother’s princess. Don’t drive me away." Shuiyun Hibiscus kept joking with a smile. She came here not to walk around in Miaochun’s mouth, but to ask for something.
"Little lady is afraid of keeping you waiting for fear of boring you." Mammy Rui nodded in her heart and felt that this little lady had only been in the government for one day, but this frankness was excellent. Without those ladies in the capital, she looked more intimate. No wonder she was favored by the old prince and gave her something from the old princess.
"It won’t be boring to talk with Mammy." Shuiyunjin laughed and Mammy Rui led her straight to the hall.