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Is this a hint of yesterday?

Ye Xiangyuan has light look back and went out.
桑拿按摩I looked at his back for a long time before I came to my senses.
Yesterday was really too intense … Although it was because of the efficacy … But it was hard to feel …
Section 43
Chapter 47 JiShu
It took me a long time to calm my face down.
I don’t really want to stay. I don’t know where this is, but I want to know that it must be Ye Xiangyuan’s territory.
I’m still going to get up after hesitating.
As a result, I almost fell down when I sat up.
Then I saw that I was naked and covered with red marks and spots … Yesterday, my memory surged again …
I can’t help covering my face.
A moment later, two girls knocked at the door and said that Ye Xiangyuan had ordered me to take care of me.
They dress me and feed me as if I were seriously ill.
I "…"
It’s not a good feeling, but I really don’t have the strength now, so I’m left to them.
Someone came in after eating. It was the doctor yesterday.
I looked at him without Ye Xiangyuan figure unknowingly lost.
He smiled and said, "I’ll examine you if you have something."
I nodded and thanked him.
He winked at me. "My name is Zhou Yi Weiqi, and that game is not the 4th and 5th Classics, but my second brother Zhou Yi. You can call me Xiao Yi."
I nodded politely to show that I knew.
He added, "We met, remember?"
I looked at him carefully.
He is not low in stature, but he has a baby face, and he looks very immature, which is no different from my student. If he were not wearing a white coat, I would really treat him as a child.
I soon remembered.
The second Xiaojin birthday party, Ye Xiangyuan, took me to meet my friends Lu Xun and Gu Changyu, and he was one of them.
He examined me and said that the medicine was all gone, but it was best to rest for a few days.
In the end, he quipped, "Second brother is in good physical strength."
Am I a little embarrassed?
Although Zhou Yi looks gentle and gentle, he is very measured. Whether speaking or doing things is watertight.
He said a few words to me, then received a message and left.
Before he left, he hesitated for a moment, saying, "Second brother has something. Don’t think that he is careless of you … We all know that you are his fiancee … and he will come back as soon as possible when he is finished."
This is a kind consolation, and naturally it is ungrateful to say "I know" with a smile.
It was in the afternoon that Ye Xiangyuan did not come back and there was no news.
However, he has arranged for several people to take care of me, and the nurse will wake me up on time to take medicine. If this is not the case, it will be a pleasure.
I feel much better after eating and having a rest for a long time, so I can walk in the bed.
Later, when I was tired of walking, I looked out of the window.
I was taken aback when I recognized where this was.
This should be the most prosperous business circle in the imperial city, and this building is the most expensive apartment in the imperial city called’ Cloud City’.
So I can recognize it because there is a shopping mall in the building. Nannan especially likes to go shopping. Once she accompanied her after shopping, she pointed to Yuncheng in the neon night and said that people living in it were regardless of their price.
I was surprised and deliberately asked her what this sentence meant.
Nannan told me that people who can live here don’t need social status to prove their identity.
It can be seen how rich people are in this cloud city.
Then I’m staying in this room, and nine times out of ten is Ye Xiangyuan’s residence.
Originally, he left me in a hotel or a club, but I didn’t expect it to be his own place.
This discovery actually silenced me.
If there had been no accident yesterday, Ye Xiangyuan and I should have signed an agreement and started to formally close this afternoon.
But now it happened unexpectedly with him …
Besides being embarrassed, I’m also afraid that I can’t keep my heart.
I don’t deny that I have a crush on him, and now I gave him my first time …
But I didn’t forget Xiao Yan’s disgusting face.
Because love begets hate, because love begets fear, which is probably the case.
In this situation, I have to think carefully about whether to make a choice.
I got dressed and went out of the bedroom door.
Outside is a big living room with rooms on the left and right.
Those nurses and girls don’t seem to wander around the hall. I looked around and didn’t find the entrance, but I found a ladder on the left side of the hall
Ladder-mounted home, it seems that this suite should occupy a floor
I thought about it and pressed the first floor directly.
The ladder seems to be very fast.
When I get to the first floor, there is a bustling commercial street outside.
The night in early spring comes very early. At this time, it’s just near dusk. Next to the lights, there are layers of office buildings. White-collar workers just have a busy shift. Everyone is in a hurry.
I took a taxi home.
I hesitated for a long time and finally took out my mobile phone and turned to Ye Xiangyuan’s number.
I sent him a short message [Thank you for coming home].
His number has been in my address book. I never thought it would be like this to contact him.
There has been no movement for a long time.
I didn’t receive his reply until the car drove into the community. It was a word [OK].
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