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His tone is not very good. "Why are you still angry?"

I looked up at his line of sight and said, "No, please help me to see the little fish. I just spoke too hard and she probably got angry."
Gu Changning eyebrows stretched some seems to be very satisfied with my heart Gu Changyu.
I looked at his building and quietly spit out a silent breath.
Who wouldn’t pretend to be gentle and considerate?
But I don’t want to put on airs
This is not my nature, and I don’t want to exchange Ye Xiangyuan’s love for a moment or his friend’s approval by such means.
But I just … played a mind’s eye before Gu Changning.
For me, it is said that Gu Changyu is not angry. I just … don’t want to continue talking to Gu Changning …
I can’t help but put my hand over my face.
Will I stay with Ye Xiangyuan for a long time, because all these things will make me unrecognizable because I have to ask for it for a long time?
After that, I also went back to my room to rest
Gu Changyu room is next to Ye Xiangyuan’s master bedroom.
I can imagine them playing together when they were young. They must be tired of playing during the day and lying side by side in a bed at night, being coaxed by adults to listen to stories and then being carried back to their rooms by their elders …
When you, my lover, on a bamboo horse, came trotting in circles and throwing green plums.
I closed my eyes and forced myself not to think about it again.
When I went back to the bedroom, all the furnishings were the same as before Ye Xiangyuan left, and my head was even more blocked.
Sister-in-law called me at dinner.
I lay in bed and didn’t want to go upstairs, but I got up at the thought that my grandfather Gu Changning and Gu Changyu were guests.
Sister-in-law’s bedside judo "Don’t blame Xiaoyuer for her … she is very proactive …"
It seems that eldest sister-in-law has heard what happened before.
I, uh, said, "I didn’t blame her, but my tone was too strong."
Sister-in-law looked at me and hesitated.
I smiled at her and went upstairs with her.
桑拿会所Everyone has been sitting around the dining table. Xiaojin saw me waving my little hand "Aunt here ~"
I walked up to him and kissed his face with a smile.
Then I looked after Chang Yu, and her look has returned to normal. It doesn’t seem that she will rest assured of the past.
I’m a little distracted.
"Aunt, I’ll help you with the food ~" Xiao Jin cocked his head and suddenly put a carrot in my bowl with chopsticks and smiled at me cutely.
This point was just given to him by my sister-in-law, but he was picky about food and didn’t eat it until he gave it to me.
I was teased and touched his head.
Gu Changyu sat opposite me and smiled, "Xiaojin, you have a good relationship with your aunt."
Xiaojin smiled shyly. "My aunt has a little sister in her stomach, so she should eat more."
Gu Changyu smiled at me and didn’t speak again.
In gu Changning look cool can’t see what he wants.
Grandpa’s appetite was not very good, so he went back to his room to rest.
After everyone was quiet, Xiao Jin probably felt that the atmosphere was wrong and ate obediently. Even the eldest sister-in-law put carrots and vegetables in his bowl and he ate them silently.
After dinner, everyone left each other tacitly.
I went back to my room and went to the window to look at the scene outside.
Outside the window, the dead branches and leaves are swaying in the wind and rain, and it is estimated that the first winter snow will fall soon.
My mood is like this depression and heaviness.
I don’t know how long Xiao Jin suddenly ran in. He climbed into my bed and waved to me with a smile. "Aunt and uncle talk ~"
I walked over slightly surprised.
Ye Xiangyuan sounded "Eleven" from the opposite side.
I took the phone and looked at his handsome face on the screen without saying anything.