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Then he got a yellow card, and Xikang became cautious. Some other players were also afraid of Lu Wenbin’s Italian skills and dared not foul easily.

Real Madrid’s attack is much smoother.
Real Madrid scored again in the 36th minute.
This time, Xabi Alonso crossed Lu Wenbin and directly made a long shot to find Zemazema’s chest to stop the ball and hit it horizontally to the corner of Luo Luo’s forbidden area, and he succeeded in taking a long shot from the far corner.
Real Madrid 2 ahead of Corinti.
In the next ten minutes, the players who wanted to make a name for themselves in Corinti attacked and tried to equalize the score.
However, Real Madrid’s defense line is not a paper paste, and Corinti’s players’ shooting skills are also a little poor, and their luck is not good. In the end, they ushered in the end of the half-court game without scoring a goal.
After a 15-minute break, the half-court game officially began.
Corinti Ann continued the half-court attack. Finally, in the fifth minute, their midfielder paulinho assisted striker Guerrero to score a goal and pulled back a point.
Even a handful of Corinti fans are still cheering on the cheerful team, hoping that they will make persistent efforts to overtake the score, but Real Madrid expanded the score in the 62nd minute.
At the bottom of Dimaria’s sidewalk, Lu Wenbin volleyed a ball into Corinti’s goal again in the forbidden area.
Real Madrid 31 Corinti An
Chapter 619 Six crowns
After the score of 31, there is not much suspense about the result of the game.
At the 62nd minute, Real Madrid is still two goals ahead. If Corinti wants to attack aggressively and try to equalize the score, it will give Lu Wenbin a chance to head the Real Madrid offensive line to fight back.
In the eyes of professionals, the game is over
Of course, Corinti Ann players and fans will not give up.
After all, this is the world champion.
You have to fight until the last second.
Corinti Ann took over the game and made a more fierce attack, trying to attack and counterattack Real Madrid, and then kept attacking and scoring goals.
But contrary to their wishes, they failed to score in the attack, but Real Madrid scored again.
In the 74th minute, Emerson, a striker from Corinti, shot directly in casillas’s hand because the angle was too high.
Then before everyone withdrew from the forbidden area, casillas directly threw the ball to Marcelo on the wing and launched a counterattack.
Marcelo made a quick trip to the ball, and after a few steps, he got to the front without waiting for the opposing midfielder to come and grab the ball.
Then Luo, Zema, Lu Wenbin and others continued to cut and cooperate and then entered the forbidden area. Finally, Lu Wenbin shot low to complete the goal.
Lu Wenbin scored another hat trick and led Real Madrid 41 ahead of Corinti Ann.
All that commentator screamed with excitement when Lu Wenbin finis the hat trick.
"Oh, my God, hat trick, hat trick. Lu Wenbin did another hat trick."
"Although Lu Wenbin’s hat trick is not unusual, I want to tell the audience that this is the first hat trick in the history of the World Club Cup final."
Lu Wenbin once again made history. He became the first hat-trick player in the history of the World Club Cup.
In the semi-finals and finals, he scored six goals in two consecutive games. This may be a record of the former ancients and latecomers. I am afraid that no one can surpass it except Lu Wenbin himself.
"Even if there is no World Cup champion, I think Lu Wenbin is still the third king."
"It’s not just the ball king Lu Wenbin. It’s terrible. He’s not a human being, not even an alien. He’s a god ball. He’s beyond the scope of human football."
With Lu Wenbin’s continuous record-breaking, award-winning, winning 144 goals in the championship year, 5 goals in a minute, 10 goals in a single game, three consecutive championships, etc., Lu Wenbin won honors and broke records at the club level, which piled up enough to hang all the superstars in football history.
约茶Therefore, some people have already begun to call Lu Wenbin, the third king of the ball, the God of the Ball.
But it has not been recognized yet.
There is no other way to be recognized than to win the World Cup.
If Lu Wenbin really leads China to win the World Cup one day, the king or the god of the ball can be controversial.
Return game
Real Madrid must have sealed the victory with two minutes left in the game leading by three goals, so Mourinho began to replace people to take over the country to save his physical strength.
In the 7 th minute, Luo was replaced; In the first minute, Lu Wenbin was replaced; Marcelo was replaced in the 6th minute.
After Lu Wenbin’s game, Corinti’s defensive pressure was greatly reduced, and the offensive efficiency was much smoother because Real Madrid lost Lu Wenbin’s frontcourt delay.
After all, it was South American giant Corinti Ann who scored their second goal in the last minute.
But that’s it.