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"Hurry!" Yang Xi urged.

Yu Yuting skimmed his thin lips and picked up the phone and dialed the phone number of You Xiaoqiao.
"Beeping …" No one answered.
"Well," he picked his eyebrows and put the phone down as if nothing had happened. "Maybe the horse arrived at my girlfriend’s place where her brain is relatively simple and she can’t walk without looking at her phone."
All "…"
"Ha ha" Yu Chengyan couldn’t help laughing at these words.
He was dressed in a casual dark blue and crossed his legs at home, sitting beside Han Minxia with his long arm on the sofa behind her and carrying a "good husband" posture, but his expression seemed a little annoying.
Yuyuting took a light look at him and withdrew his sight.
Han Minxia pursed her lips and couldn’t help wondering, "Little Three, you’re not lying to us, are you?"
Chang Huan Yan is one leng. At this moment, Wu Sao’s voice is full of joy. "Coming, coming, the car has already entered the gate."
Yu Yuting’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled. Why did this girl drive here? So a little old car …
Before he wants to go further …
桑拿"Hey, who are you looking for?" Xuan Wu sister-in-law looked at the big burly strange man carefully asked.
Tang Yuwen looked at her and shouted at the living room, "Get out of here!"
"…" Yu Yuting looked at Yu Chengyan as soon as he was stunned. "Is it for you?"
Yu Chengyan calmly hugged Han Minxia Xiang’s shoulder and didn’t lift "I definitely don’t know if I am looking for me."
Yuyuting nodded and looked at Yudongchen "Is Dad looking for …"
"Smelly little you see what I do!" Can Yu Dongchen have such a young and rude friend when he pulls his face?
"…" Yu Yuting looked at Chang Huanyan with a thin lip. "Don’t … come to see big brother?"
Often smile face a scare "? No … impossible? "
"Come on, mistress, go out and see who you are looking for." The old lady Yu said that she has been waiting for an hour and a half, and people have not come yet. Now she is really getting more and more uncomfortable.
At this time, Tang Yuwen actually began to shout again, "Yu Yuting, are you md or not? I tell you, don’t try to be so irresponsible and get out of here!"
"…" Han Minxia suddenly opened his mouth and held out a slender finger and kept poking Yu Yuting. "Good little three, so you … you really like men? !”
She was vaguely worried that Yu Yuting would be stimulated by her and no longer interested in women. Otherwise, how could she have no feelings for a beautiful girl like vivian? It’s hard to say that she still refuses to take it home when she has a girlfriend … She didn’t say that she almost doubted whether the so-called "girlfriend" was a man. I didn’t expect that … it was a man!
A room full of people turned pale when they heard this.
Yu Chengyan grabbed her little hand and pulled it back. "You are not allowed to read * * novels again!"
What’s in your head all day?
Han Minxia "…"
The same half-rotting woman often smiles and looks horrified. Why does her brother-in-law like being a man and everyone is asking for responsibility?
Oh, my God, my God, this good news should be told to Xiao Shou.
As soon as she secretly picked up her mobile phone and prepared to open WeChat, Yu Yuting suddenly got up with a black face and "dallied" and rushed over. "What are you talking about here?" And why did you come to my house? "
"You are a devil wears prada Sven scum!" Tang Yuwen didn’t answer, gnashing his teeth and soaring a series of idioms.
"Hey!" Yu Yuting couldn’t help it, because the angry corners of his mouth evoked a strange radian. "This is your quality. Before Joe, he disguised himself as a warm man, and he was actually a dirty lie! How dare you call yourself a’ big brother’? "
"I’m not only going to give you a dirty lie, I’m going to beat you," said Tang Yuwen, punching Yu Yuting in the face.
Yu Yuting turned his head flexibly and began to fight back without hesitation.
Tang Yuwen’s study is authentic Taekwondo, and now it is a black belt with four sections. What makes the side kick roundabouts orderly? Yu Yuting learns that Muay Thai moves are fierce and practical.
After all, Xuan is limited, but the two of them hit you, and I am not bound by the place at all.
"Oh, my God, what the hell is going on here? Dongchen Chengyan, you two hurry up and go to Indiana." The old lady Yu, although disgusted, was afraid that her grandson would be injured and eager to protect her calf.
Yu Chengyan faintly twisted his eyebrows. "Grandma, you know I can’t fight."
Old lady Yu "…"
Looking eagerly at Yudongchen, think about his good age and shout at Mrs. Wu, "Mrs. Wu hurry up and call someone."
Mrs. Wu is pale, but she doesn’t know who to call. There is no one else in this family except the servant and an old driver …
"Strange?" Han Minxia hugged his arms and looked at the good show. "What made him responsible but fought with each other?"
"It won’t … is his friend?" Always smile and speak at the right time.
"Well, maybe they are still a love triangle YuXiaoSan.
Love Yu Xiaosan in a horizontal knife to win love! "Han Minxia hands a clap!
All "…"
It seems that these two pregnant sisters-in-law are really enough to watch the fun while playing divination and singing together!
Yang Xi watched the two faces hang up in succession and couldn’t help it. I walked over and wanted to stop the fight …