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As soon as he pushed the door and approached Li Jue’s office, he threw it over and just opened the courier bag and hit it red-handed!

The sharp water chestnut hit her face with a faint pain, and she consciously said, "What are you crazy!" "
As soon as the assistant saw this posture, he consciously went out
Li Jue was furious and looked at her waving the ticket in her hand. "Look at yourself!"
"What the hell is it?" Qin Xuan impatiently took the look and his face changed!
She is aware of MuChuan temporarily changed the plan, but I didn’t expect him to hand so hard against an army!
Sure enough, this man is too cruel!
Li Jue gas black face "is this your good idea? !”
Qin Xuan absently looked at the check. She thought of thousands of endings, but she didn’t guess this one!
She didn’t expect him to shoot so soon after he saw through her scheme!
After all, it’s still her. His heart is too shallow!
Li Jue saw that she didn’t speak a word and got angry. Raise my hand and grabbed her neck!
"Labor money to fight this war vowed to tell me that I won’t lose but now? !”
Qin Xuan struggled to open his hand and caught a glimpse of him after a few breaths. "Business has always been a winner and a loser! What’s so strange! It’s just a ticket. What are you panicking about? "
"You said it was light!" Li Jue stared at that woman angrily!
夜生活That’s all he’s worked for all his life! If you lose, you can have it all!
Qin Xuan regarded her as angry and turned to sit on the sofa! Turn over the newspaper
"Are you still in the mood to sit and read the newspaper? !”
The woman didn’t lift her head. "I naturally have a way. What are you nervous about?"
Isn’t it Hu Jia’s defection? She and Muchuan have met such a duplicitous bitch for many years.
Such a bitch is not worth her panic.
Li Jue glared at her angrily, hummed, turned and strode out!
You’re welcome to warn before opening the door. "You’d better help me solve this matter as soon as possible, otherwise don’t blame me for disowning people! Don’t forget that you hit Zhang Shiman’s video and return my hand! "
He has seen through this bitch. He and she have no weight in their hearts! In order to deal with Muchuan, she spent a lot of money on him, and now she has such an ending, and she is also guilty!
This is enough to say that she really doesn’t care about his company at all!
With the anger of a post-Qin Xuan, the newspaper was held in a ball and thrown into the trash can.
She thought it would be successful and failed, but neither seemed to have any effect on her. It was better to win Muchuan by luck.
If you lose, let that bastard Li Jue get away with everything!
But she forgot that she still had something in that old guy’s hand!
Eyes can accompany her to go on!
Zhao Jiamo there really out of the corresponding countermeasures but and Qin Xuanji.
The man calculated that Muchuan was not so simple in the morning. He agreed to Qin Xuan’s request secretly or carried out according to his own plan.
Muchuan was influenced by the former Mu Yicheng, but this man and this place have a long reputation and are not so easy to beat.
Despite his nearly perfect plan, his sales performance was barely tied with him in the first few days.
Still chasing behind is a bit overwhelming.
As a result, Zhao Jiamo expected Muchuan to be an old signboard in Kyoto at any rate, and his name Kyoto was better than the cards.
F country
An old man in a wheelchair looked at the latest newspaper in a two-story building.
It’s the latest situation in Kyoto
The man who put up the newspaper looked at the person in front with deep eyes. "Although you have been invincible, I am afraid it will be another matter to meet this Muchuan."
Zhao Jiamo said behind him, "He is a local strongman in Kyoto, and I am a new enterprise in Kyoto. It is still too early to say whether it will take some time to deal with him."
The old man smiled knowingly. "Then I’ll wait for good news."
Then turn the wheelchair and go inside.
Zhao Jiamo turned around and cried, "Grandpa! What … "
The man raised his hand and stopped her from receiving the message, "Go home. I have rules. You know what I don’t want you to know. You won’t know."