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Shangque’s body fell to the ground and his leg bone was completely broken, but he didn’t panic. He suddenly bent down and stabbed into the mire with a sword!

However, Tsukiyoko’s body actually disappeared into the quagmire!
The lack of business knew that it was not good, and immediately dragged his broken leg forward to stay away from this quagmire. However, for a moment, the ninja in the soil jumped out of the quagmire from another direction and smashed his crown with a shovel!
The brains are bursting! The business of "Gua Long Jian" is short of death!
When Shang Que died, he realized that it was not so easy to build a meritorious military service in the great cause of resisting Mongolia!
Tsukiyoko put his hands around Shangque’s legs and pulled his body into the mire, then lurked here to ambush a master of Song State!
A moment later, Tsukiyokichi has killed five masters of Song in succession in this way, but when he killed the last master, he was seen by another master of Song!
This person is Yu Wenao, the master of Wutai Mountain, who is the "heavenly magic sword"!
Yuwen Aoren misbehaved and usurped the position of head. He once designed and murdered Master Yuanguang of Wutai Mountain. However, after the plot was exposed, Yuwen Aoren was forgiven by Master Yuanguang and let him join the anti-Mongolian cause, which would make amends.
Yu Wen ‘ao took a look at the horizontal dive position of Tuyin Ninja Tomb and immediately pulled out a revolving knife in his hand and then threw it out into the mire!
"ah!" Tsukiyoko screamed one by one and jumped out of the mire. There was a piece of blood on his back. It was originally stabbed in the lower back by this "monty knife"!
Although Yu Wenao is interested in the death of the country, he also knows that the battlefield is either dead or alive. Then he pulls out another revolving knife from his waist and walks over to Tsukiyoka!
At this moment, a white mud pill suddenly flew from a distance and burst in front of Yu Wenao! A bluish-gray powder immediately filled the air, and the fog in the forest seemed to have increased dozens of times. Yu Wenao was at a loss and could see everything!
Ps: Ling Feiyang and other four people were in danger when 300 masters of the Song Dynasty rushed to rescue 200 Japanese ninjas in Kamakura, Nagano Jyukai. In this mire-filled and foggy forest, the masters of the two countries used all kinds of martial arts and ninjutsu to launch a life-and-death battle. Both sides suffered heavy casualties. In this close and tragic battle, the confrontation between Ling Feiyang and the blood ninja undoubtedly became the key to the final victory! Please see if you want to know the aftermath!
Chapter 315 Victory! Blood ninja!
That vast expanse of white fog has completely blocked the "heavenly magic sword" Yuwen’s proud line!
However, Yu Wenao didn’t panic! Although his eyes can see things, he can still hear with his ears!
Yu Wenao listened intently and immediately heard a slight break coming towards him!
"This is three hidden weapons!" Yu Wenao thought of this and immediately waved his machete in his hand and was shot down with "Dangdang Dangdang" three or three Japanese ninja darts!
"I want to get out of this dense fog!" Yu Wenao just thought of this, but a sharp wild knife has pierced his middle of the back!
"This ninja posture is so fast that it has gone around behind me …" This is the last thought in Yu Wenao’s life. Yu Wenao has no chance to compete for the position of Wutai Mountain leader because he is dead.
Killing Yu Wenao is, of course, Naoki Yagyu, a ninja in the fog!
The fog caused by this white mud pill not only trapped the "heavenly magic sword" but also trapped three other Song masters! Yagyu Naoki did the same thing for a moment and killed the three Song masters!
"The fog here seems to be different from other places!" Yue Tianying, the younger brother of Huashan Shuangxia, just killed a ninja and suddenly noticed this strange sight.
"Be careful! This is Fuso Ninja’s Fog Making! " Brother Yue Tianxiong was well informed and immediately saw through the ninja of Yagyu Naoki.
Naoki Yagyu, though hidden in the dense fog, heard the words of the twin brothers and immediately took out a red clay pill from his arms and threw it at Huashan Shuangxia!
This red mud pill bursts, and deadly poisonous smoke escapes from the mud pill and hits Huashan Shuangxia!
In this emergency, a middle-aged businessman dressed as a master of the Song Dynasty suddenly rushed forward and threw a big cattail leaf fan at this poisonous smoke!
This person is Tao Zhuyan, the "Yin-Yang pole fan" of Dian Cang Sect!
Pufan’s strong wind blew this poisonous smoke to Naoko yagyu, and Naoko yagyu took a few mouthfuls of poisonous gas in succession, and hurriedly took out the solution from her pocket and stuffed it into her mouth and swallowed it!
Tao Zhuyan’s cattail fan fanned out one after another, and not only the poisonous smoke department was dispersed, but also the white fog disappeared! Yagyu Naoki’s figure was immediately exposed to the master of Song State, and Yue Tianxiong and Yue Tianying immediately attacked Yagyu Naoki with serrated knives!
The key to the secret of Huashan School’s anti-two-instrument saber technique is the degree of tacit cooperation. If the two people have the same mind, they can play several times more powerful. Yue Tianxiong and Yue Tianying are twin brothers, who are not only similar in thought and personality, but also inseparable from each other since childhood. Now, with this set of 20 saber techniques, the misty ninja Yagyu Naoki is forced to retreat!
Soil hidden ninja burial Yokoichi has been stabbed in the back by Yu Wenao monty’s immortal knife, but seeing Yagyu Naoki in distress one after another is still raising a shovel and rushing over to help Yagyu Naoki!
As soon as Tsukiyoko joined the battle, Huashan Shuangxia immediately lived in the wind. However, at this time, three young Taoist priests rushed over. It was the three talented swordsman of Qingcheng School!
These two forbearers have tried their best to make the real martial arts master of Song fight. However, Tsukiyokichi has been injured after all. After fighting for more than 20 rounds, he was stabbed in the left side by a sword of smoke!
Tsukiyoko fell to the ground with a shovel and fell painfully. Yagyu Naoki immediately fled into the distance with a genial smile. Pine flew up and kicked Tsukiyoko into the mire next to him. Tsukiyoko was seriously injured. The root method used the soil escape technique to make his body immediately fall into the mud and soon passed over his head.
Sunlight came in from the branches, and the fog gradually faded in the morning, and the scene in the forest became clear. The master of the Song Dynasty and the Japanese ninja kept falling, but the rest of the soldiers still fought bloody battles.
The battle lasted from early to noon, and both sides suffered heavy casualties. More than 100 people were killed in Song State, while more than 50 ninjas were left here in Fusang State.
In the end, more than 50 ninjas desperately resisted the siege of Song experts, but there is still hope in their hearts!
Kinxiong Nomura, a blood-hidden ninja, is known as the third master of Japan. These ninjas have never doubted his strength. If he defeats Ling Feiyang, he can lead the remaining ninjas to the end in a bloody battle.
Kenxiong Nomura and Ling Feiyang have been fighting fiercely for two whole hours, such as "Chasing the Soul and Bloody Palm", "Angry and Bloody Storm", "Bloodthirsty Strike" and "The Hunger Disintegration". Kenxiong Nomura has tried all the tricks but still failed to hurt Ling Feiyang!
Since the second execution ground, Ling Feiyang has been familiar with Nomura’s martial arts, but he doesn’t know much about Ling Feiyang’s martial arts.
Ling Feiyang’s martial arts are too miscellaneous. The martial arts of True School, Jade Maiden School, Nine-Yin True Sutra, Dragon-beating Twenty Palm, One Yang Finger, Six-pulse Excalibur, and Lingbo Micro-step are used alternately, which not only make many moves, but also never repeat them, which makes Nomura Kenxiong dazzled and more and more difficult to adapt.
After playing for two hours, Kenxiong Nomura, a ninja with hidden blood, suddenly realized a serious problem!
He has always wanted to "The Hunger disintegration" to make the battlefield bloody, but Ling Feiyang is pushing fast and won’t give him a chance to get close to the dead!
And his own blood is not enough!
Nomura Kenxiong’s hematopoiesis function is extremely strong. He has played many tough battles since he was trained, but there has never been a lack of blood!
However, now his poisonous blood is almost exhausted!
Seeing that there are fewer and fewer ninjas next to you, Nomura Kenxiong knows that the battle is lost!
桑拿按摩Nomura Kenxiong suddenly shot three palms of blood in succession to Ling Feiyang, overwhelming the past!
"Withdraw!" Nomura Kenxiong drink a sound spread around with more than 50 ninjas left. It turned out that this Japanese third master is still an enemy but this Ling Feiyang!
These ninjas have retreated to Ling Feiyang to use tight encirclement’s potential to block their blood beads, and then they saw Nomura Kenxiong also flee to the east with flying skills!
"The thief will stop running!" Two masters of Kunlun Sect display Kunlun Sect’s flying skill "Walking Snow Xun Mei", and they have caught up with Nomura Kenxiong and stabbed him in the middle of the back with two long swords!
Nomura Kenxiong suddenly turned around and hit the two masters with two blood palms at the same time, and fell to the ground in the palm of his chest and died!
Lingbo micro-step!
Ling Feiyang’s figure is floating, but a stroke of "shocking thyme" hits Nomura Kenxiong with both hands!
Kenxiong Nomura has never given in, so his palms have once again launched four palms and hit a place with a loud bang!
Nomura Kenxiong’s body flew backwards and fell heavily on the woodland three feet away! This time, not only did his palm bleed, but his mouth and nose also began to ooze blood!
Ps: In this fierce battle in Jyukai, Nagano, the master of the Song Dynasty and the Japanese ninja were both killed and wounded. More than 100 master of the Song Dynasty, including Yu Wenao, were killed, and Yokoichi Tsukuya and nearly 200 ninjas were also killed. After two hours of fierce fighting, the battle between the two countries finally settled, and Ling Feiyang defeated the blood-hidden ninja Nomura Hero Ninja Corps. It’s advisable to chase after the poor bandits with the remaining brave, and not to sell the fame and learn the overlord! The master of the Song Dynasty is about to go straight to Huanglong and enter the Kamakura Palace in Fusang! Please see if you want to know the aftermath!
Chapter 316 Attacking Kamakura Palace
Blood-hidden ninja Kenxiong Nomura has reached a spent force. After receiving the palm of Ling Feiyang, he will know that he has completely lost his chance of escape!
See more than a dozen masters of Song Kingdom have rushed to the crowd, and Kenxiong Nomura suddenly gathered his body in one place!
"Back off!" Ling Feiyang suddenly drinks!
At the same time, Nomura Kenxiong’s body exploded and the residual limbs flew around, causing a sea of blood!
The Hunger disintegrated!
Nomura Kenxiong used The Hunger’s disintegration this time to make it his own body!
Fortunately, when Ling Feiyang woke up, most of the Song masters had already withdrawn from several zhangs away. However, three masters with poor flying skills could not hide from this monstrous blood!