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"Hello, little princess. You look beautiful today. Who bought you this little skirt?" This is Han’s smelly rogue voice.

Jing Muchen looked at someone with a black face and heard his daughter’s grandmother angry and said with pride, "Uncle Han, this is a nice dress given to me by Xiaobai, right?"
"…" The scene was quiet for two or three seconds.
"Wow, big brother and second brother, are you really married?"
"Yes, Xiaobai will send clothes to his girlfriend. This emotional intelligence is too high."
"Very good. Xiaobai is the future heir of the Korean family and the grandson of the Yu family has an unlimited future. Eldest brother, you have made a fortune this time."
Last but not least, I was joking when I said this sentence. But the words just fell and I felt that I had looked at Han Han’s cold-eyed knife and gouged out the temperature around me, as if the freezing point had dropped instantly.
He touched his nose and quickly changed his tune and said, "Of course, being able to marry the little princess of jiujiu is also the second brother’s blessing for generations, isn’t it?"
Han Han has no problem with this. He picked his eyebrows and ordered a head. Although he didn’t say much, his expression was unspeakable.
Jingmuchen picked up his daughter with his thin lips and left.
"Eldest brother, don’t go."
"Eldest brother, don’t be angry. I’m kidding."
"That’s right, brother. Don’t be a wet blanket."
All busy have advised
"Dad" Jing Anjiu was still holding a fork in his hand and said sadly, "I just took a bite of chocolate cake."
桑拿会所"…" Jingmuchen cold face and sat back and took the fork to his daughter to continue to feed the cake.
However, having a daughter in her eyes directly takes everyone around her as angry.
Yan Nansheng changed the subject and said, "But what a coincidence! Sister-in-law is actually Uncle Yu’s own daughter, Yu Ting Yu Jia San Gong. How do you feel now?"
Yu Yuting crossed her legs with a cup. When she heard this, she smiled and danced with joy. "I feel really good to have such an excellent brother-in-law."
"Snow" Feng Chen ‘an couldn’t help laughing. "Second brother turned out to be your brother-in-law. It’s really humbled."
Han Yuyuan’s gentle face turned black like Jing Muchen. "What are you calling Xia Xia for?"
Yu Yuting "…"
"Oh, hey, your house is really messy." Qi Chenghao sighed with emotion.
"So Ah Shu’s sister married Cheng Yan and Ah Shu married your three brothers and sisters?" Talking is Lu Nancheng lujia ranking first.
"Yes, yes."
Liu Nancheng nodded. "It’s much more chaotic than my house."
His family is a pair of sisters, and it is good to get along with their brothers respectively, and the ranking is not chaotic.
All "…"
Han Shan always looked at the red wine glass on the stage and took a sip absently.
Section 321
This is a mess? If they know that their mother-in-law and brother-in-law had a marriage … Hehe.
Because some sensitive issues were taken over by Yu Jinchuan, Gao Xiaoxiao didn’t suffer much
Until a reporter started asking her what she thought of the extended family foundation.
This problem seems to be light, but it can test the population rule.
But it’s a good test of the population rule. If you don’t do some preparatory work in advance, it’s easy to make a fool of yourself and make people laugh.
Gao Xiaoxiao thought for a moment, and repeated Han Shu’s speech on the way here just now, including the purpose of building a large family source foundation. Finally, he smiled and said, "If you earn money, you can make money. Giving back to the society is also something that every successful person should do."
Taiwan reporters nodded frequently and praised "being a father’s wind", "the waves behind the Yangtze River urge the waves before" and "Miss Yu is not only beautiful but also caring" … Barabara
Yu Jinchuan watched Kan Kan and talked about Gao Xiaoxiao’s warm face, always smiling with relief and pride.
After asking a few more questions, Yu Jinchuan politely declined the theme of the dinner. The reporters continued to interview and finally had to take Gao Xiaoxiao and Gao Xiaobai with them.
After the emcee showed up in a black suit, Yudong Chentai delivered a speech, and the reporters also pointed the camera at him.
"Rainy son, your answer just now is very decent and generous," Yu Jinchuan praised in a low voice as he walked.
"Thank you," Gao Xiaoxiao was a little embarrassed. "Actually, Ah Shu told me just now on the way."
Yu Jinchuan paused and then smiled and said, "That’s not bad. It can be remembered so clearly and logically."
Gao Xiaoxiao was even more embarrassed when he heard this, but he was also glad that he didn’t have a platform to embarrass Han Guhe Yu’s family.
Yu Jinchuan looked at her and suddenly sighed and said, "Rainy son, have you ever thought about going back to school for further study?"
I was slightly surprised to see Gao Xiaoxiao’s expression. God was afraid that she would misunderstand her. Yu Jinchuan was busy and explained, "Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t mean anything, but I heard that you missed your chance to go to college because of the small white school. I didn’t force you. I just think you are only 23 years old and still young. Of course, it depends on your own wishes. What do you think?"