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How time flies! Six years seems like a blink of an eye, and you and Yu Enze’s child Anbao have grown so big. He is such a cute and clever boy, just like you and Yu Enze.

I once regretted that I didn’t get Luo Chen’s love, because it was always my wishful thinking that I couldn’t get into his heart.
In order to banish my love for Luo Chen, I chose the theory of wandering around the world because of my individuality and selfishness. I hope I can forget him.
Later, I gradually realized how stupid the decision I made was. I was just passively avoiding the morning.
In the past six years, I have drifted all the way from prosperous Manhattan to winding blue Panama Canal, shuttling through the dangerous amazon rain forest, walking the vast African prairie and the dry and hot Sahara desert.
Lonely, I crossed Qian Shan and traveled all over the world. Finally, I left all my thoughts and love for Luochen, which was magnificent but full of poverty and disease in the East African Plateau.
In the year of riots in Africa, I didn’t know that I was lucky enough to escape from those riots with cruel butchers and love bombs
I ran like hell, I ran all the time, I ran all my strength, I dare not turn back and I can run all the time, because I want to live, and I am not willing to die, so I die lonely and miserable in a distant land, and I have to live.
What used to be a simple and peaceful land became a river of blood and corpses everywhere. People in purgatory exuded pungent blood and corpse odor everywhere. The theory that "white bones are exposed in the wild and chickens crow thousands of miles away" was probably the gruesome and tragic scene at that time.
It was the first time in my life that I saw death with my own eyes. How many lives were lost overnight?
Maybe I have been running for a long time until I can’t tell the difference between the southeast and the northwest, and my vision is gradually blurred. I don’t know if I am falling down. I remember that I suddenly seemed to float and then quickly descended like flying.
My eyes suddenly turned black, without bullets, swords and shadows, and without heartbreaking screams, the world was quiet.
When I woke up, I was already lying in a kind family.
Although I didn’t understand their simple language, I guessed from their serious gestures that I was too tired to run forward because I had to run for my life. I didn’t notice that there was a steep cliff ahead, so I jumped involuntarily and fell into the river on the cliff like a parabola.
Unfortunately, I bumped into the water from my nose to the whole face, and a pool of sharp gravel and bright red blood spread rapidly, making the clear river dizzy.
Later, in a coma, I drifted to the shore and was found by the kind family. They took me home and bandaged my face and blood-soaked wound.
When I recovered, I was frightened when I saw myself in the water. I didn’t believe that the ugly and broken woman in the water was me. How did I become like that?
There is no woman who doesn’t care about her beautiful appearance. I am also a woman, which makes me accept myself and suddenly become a ghost.
My heart ached like a knife, and I was in pain all day. At the end of the riot, I wanted to live, but I chose to cut my wrist to commit suicide because I was disfigured by the law, but when I was found by that kind-hearted family, they saved my life again. I tried to commit suicide.
It is common for that kind-hearted family to live in poverty and hardship, but they have a lovely little girl.
Maybe it’s because I’m depressed every day. Every time that little girl comes back from the outside and picks fresh fruit hard, she doesn’t want to eat it herself. She always sends it to me and gestures at me to let me eat it.
I returned the fruit to her, and she forced it on me again and again. She was naive and gestured that eating those fruits would make my face wound disappear, and I would become beautiful again, even I would live a hundred years.
I couldn’t bear to refuse the little girl’s kindness and delicious food. She gave me fruit, and then she looked at me and smiled at me with pure innocence. Only then did I find that her eyes were so beautiful. When she looked at me, those eyes seemed to be talking to me.
Although we don’t speak the same language, that little girl likes me very much, which makes me happy. She will drag me out to look up at the sky at night, the stars will shine, she will take me to run freely in the prairie, and she will lead me to see the oasis in the desert. Somehow, I think of Luochen, who can’t stop missing me. I think Luochen really wants to miss Luochen.
I-I really can’t forget him. If I am wrong, I can’t forget him at all. He has become a thorn in my heart, and it will never be pulled out. It is deeply rooted in my blood. Even though he has never loved me, I still can’t force myself not to love him.
I, Ai Luo Chen, have always loved him. I can’t deceive my feelings. I decided to leave Africa. I want to meet Luo Chen and tell him that I love him and will always love him, even though he loves me in other ways.
After going through all kinds of hardships, I finally found the workers of the China Embassy in Ethiopia to help me return to the United States smoothly. At the moment my parents saw me, they cried excitedly and held me in tears.
My father and mother have been thinking about me for six years. In the past six years, they have aged a lot and lost a lot. As the saying goes, my parents don’t travel far, but I left my parents for six years. I spent their precious six years.
In the past six years, my parents have lived all day, and I have lived in the shadows. I have lost too much in my life and should enjoy happiness and blessings in my later years. This is all my fault. I am sorry for them. It is my unfilial duty.
From now on, I am determined never to leave my parents. I am not going anywhere. I will stay in America with them and do my best to make up for the filial piety and love I owed my parents.
Before I decided to stay in the United States to accompany my parents, I had an unfinished wish, so I went to new york from Manhattan to find Luo Chen, but he was not in his room. I called Luo Chen’s cell phone and got a response, but the number was no.
I went to see his parents, but unfortunately, my uncle and aunt’s room was locked. I heard from neighbors that they were lecturing at a foreign university and had not returned to China.
I went to work in Luochen again, and Dean White told me that Luochen had resigned from him six years ago because of some personal matters and returned to China.
In this way, I flew back to y city and now I have been transferred to Beijing, but I still haven’t found it. I miss Luo Chen.
When you told me that Luo Chen had gone to Africa to look for me, and I hadn’t heard from him for six years, my mind went blank.
At that moment, I was so scared that I was afraid that I would lose Luo Chen and the most important person in my life.
I don’t know what I would do without Luo Chen. I will never forgive myself in this life.
So I have to be selfish again. I want to return to Africa. I want to find Luo Chen.
All punishment departments let me bear the burden of suffering or torture. I gladly accept who made me make mistakes. Now I don’t want Luo Chen to love me. I beg that I can reunite with him. May he be stable for the rest of his life and happy with his beloved.
Long summer, I’m sorry that I wrote you such a long letter to tell you about my heavy and depressed feelings. I’m honored to meet your bosom friend in my life, which is also a gift from heaven.
I wish you and Yu Enze can get married as soon as possible and grow old together, and pray for providence to let me find Luo Chen, and then Luo Chen and I will come back to attend your wedding with Yu Enze and witness you enter the happy marriage hall.
Long summer, I’m leaving. I look forward to seeing you soon.
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Jiang Yushi
After reading Jiang Yushi’s letter, long summer suddenly looked up at the wall clock. She quickly picked up the car keys and flew out of the door. When Li Xiali landed and started driving, she stepped on the gas pedal and galloped away in the direction of the airport.
When I arrived at the airport, long summer parked the car in a hurry. She raised her hand and looked at her watch while running to the terminal. There was still one minute left to catch Jiang Yushi off.
At the end of the long line, long summer really saw the thin and lonely white figure "Rain Poetry". long summer couldn’t help shouting.
Jiang Yushi looked back in surprise. She didn’t expect long summer to come to the airport to see her off.
Long summer waved his hands towards her. "Rain Poetry, take care. Enze and I will definitely wait for you and Ouyang to come back. We should all be well."
按摩Jiang Yushi waved to long summer. Although she was wearing a mask, long summer could guess that she smiled and smiled brilliantly, as if she had returned to the original unrestrained and confident poem.
The plane rushed to the blue sky. long summer closed his eyes and folded his hands silently. Jiang Yushi and Ouyang prayed.